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Unification Aspects:

A bomb is any of a range of devices that can be exploded to produce a sudden, violent release of energy. It typically relies on explosive material that undergoes a chemical reaction to produce an excessively large amount of heat. A nuclear bomb relies on material that can undergo a nuclear reaction (nuclear fission or fusion), which is initiated by chemical-based explosives. A bomb is used with the intent of destroying certain targets, usually as part of a larger military, terrorist, or riot strategy.

From a Unification perspective, several points can be made:

  • A thing in itself is neither good nor evil, but it may be used for a relatively good or evil purpose. Likewise, in warfare, bombs may be used for defensive or aggressive purposes, which may be considered relatively "good" or "evil" purposes. Aggressive behavior is a result of our separation from God and from our understanding of our own value and the value of others.
  • The Unification Principle encourages us to reconnect with God and with our own original, God-given nature. On that basis, we can have the right perspective of the value of other people and material things, and we can express God's love toward them. When that happens, we can establish peace in our families, societies, nations, and world.
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