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Thiamine is essential to human health, As a vitamin, it is needed for normal metabolism, including the Krebs cycle, which is the main biochemical pathway to extract energy from glucose, amino acids, and fat. It is necessary for normal growth and development, helps to maintain proper functioning of the heart, nervous, and digestive systems, and is involved in synthesizing deoxyribose and ribose, which are the sugars that form the backbone of DNA and RNA. Thiamine is important to one's mental acuity and mood.

Thiamine shows the importance of balance, person responsibility, and harmony. It shows balance in that one's diet needs to have a variety of foods in order to meet one's vitamin requirements. Diet is something that one must take individual responsibility toward; self-discipline is required since the foods that are good for one might not necessarily correlate with the foods one enjoys the most. Harmony is shown in the relationship between systems (the involvement of thiamine in the complex Krebs cycle, for instance) and between living organisms (humans require certain foods, such as legumes, in order to gain the necessary vitamins for good health.

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