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Unification Aspects:

Humans are endowed with a natural desire to understand the universe, perhaps a reflection of the connectedness of all creation and the third blessing. According to Unification Thought, God created the Earth and all its creatures as humanity's natural environment, and humans are to protect and love nature. As Rev. Moon has stated, "To love nature is to love God and humanity. When human life resonates with nature, human character can blossom in perfection."

The human desire to understand nature extends to past periods. Such the desire to understand the geology and biology of the Ordovician.

The Ordovician shows something of the development of science in its effort to understand physical reality. Sometimes in the course of that study, there are disputes among competing theories and camps of scientists. Such is seen in the history of the Ordovician, where two competing camps placed the same finding in different periods. Sometimes in the course of science, new paradigms of understanding will emerge, as in the recognition of another period, the Ordovician, to explain the fossil record.

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