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The phenomena of red rain falling in Kerala, and other places near by, have left citizens wildly speculating and scientists scratching their heads trying to determine the cause. In the age of science, we need to start with a physical explanation of the cause until all possibilities have been eliminated. By keeping an open mind, and sticking to the evidence, we normally can find the answer to the most perplexing phenomena. The universe has been created according to reliable principles; the scientists task is to find out the process by which things happen in the natural world.

The red rain in Kerala has led to some fascinating theories. People reported a loud thunderclap and flash of light, followed by groves of trees shedding shriveled grey "burnt" leaves preceded the first red rain. Wells disappeared and formed around the same time. That account seems reliable, so any explanation needs to take into account that phenomena. The red rain fell within a few kilometers area, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

At first, the Center for Earth Science Studies (CESS) reported that an exploding meteor caused the red rain. They abandoned that theory. Some scientists speculated that airborne algal spores caused the rain, while others speculated that blood from a mammal like a flock of bats caused the coloring. Still other speculated extraterrestrial origins, although scientists have generally discounted that possibility.

The most fascinating speculation is that the rain contained a hypothetical group of microorganism known as panspermia that has the same abilities as life on Earth; metabolism, homeostasis, organization, growth, adaptation, reproduction, and response to stimuli. The red rain lacked DNA, canceling the notion that the red rain contained spores and supporting the proto-domain theory. Mainstream science classifies the proto-domain theory as hypothesis at best. Those few who support the proto-domain theory argue that the life form constitutes the stuff that originated life on earth and throughout the universe. The task of proving that lay with the proponents while those who discount the theory look for other explanations.

Scientists are patient in looking for explanation of phenomena in the universe according to scientific explanations. Usually their patience bares fruit. Yet, if there exists a point in nature where the spiritual penetrates into the physical, natural world, creating changes unexplained by scientific experimentation and testing, that would be difficult to prove with traditional scientific methods. The paranormal and the spiritual lay beyond the realm of science, although scientists have been studying those realms. Theologians hypothesize that all creation came from a spiritual origin including, especially, the creation of life and the human spirit.

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