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Unification Aspects:

The harmony in the natural environment is a reflection of the principle of dual purposes, whereby living organisms not only seek their own individual purposes (survival, maintenance, reproduction, growth, etc.), but also provide value to the ecosystem and to humans. In Unification Thought, the "purpose for the whole" contribution of living organisms can be "hyung sang" (for other organisms or the ecosystem in general) and "sung sang" (for human beings). Human life is tied to its relationship to other organisms, such as the plants that produce food and oxygen.

In the case of aloe, there is much anecdotal evidence that this genus (and in particular Aloe vera) provides substantial medicinal value to humans. These plants have been used to heal burns (including sunburn), scrapes, poison ivy, and a host of dermatological conditions. Human beings continue to explore the value of aloe plants and the unique contributions they can make to the quality of human life. In addition, aloe plants have been used for aesthetic purposes, being planted around homes to touch the inner aspect of beauty that humans seek.

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