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The Tuscarora are an American Indian tribe which originated in North Carolina. Encountering European settlers in the seventeenth century the Tuscarora maintained harmonious relationships with them for half a century. They were willing to share with them what they had.

Unification Thought explains that God has worked through many thousands of years of history to restore humanity to a world of true love and peace. The North American continent was hidden away by God, preserved for the time when the providence of restoration would come to fruition and the Kingdom of Heaven could be built upon the earth. The American Indians were the caretakers of this land, guided by God in their ways.

However, the settlers not only brought diseases which reduced the Tuscarora population, they also began to take their lands and kidnapped and sold into slavery their women and children. Seeing no way to deal with the situation other than violence, the southern group of Tuscarora enlisted the help of other native Algonquian tribes and an uprising took place, leading to the Tuscarora War. The outcome was that the Tuscarora became the first native people to be dispossessed of their land during colonization, and they walked north to New York in the early eighteenth century to join the Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenonsaunee).

The Iroquois Confederacy was founded by visionaries inspired by belief in a Creator of all things and the ultimate goal of peace. The spiritual leaders, Hiawatha and Deganawida, known as the Great Peacemaker, helped to create a constitution called the "Great Binding Law" (Gayanashagowa). This powerful document called for the guidance of God to lead the tribes to peace. It is true that the Iroquois were a warlike people, constantly in conflict with other tribes such as the Huron and the peaceful tribes of the Wabanaki confederacy. However, they had overcome their own differences and established a great and powerful federation, a model for the United States' own constitution.

The confederacy established under God's guidance suffered when disunited Europeans arrived in the "promised land" of America. For many years the Iroquois battled the French who were allied with the Huron, enemy of the Iroquois. Then, during the American Revolutionary War they were forced to take sides again. After the war, those who had sided with the British moved north to Canada, where they were given land. Tuscarora live on that reserve today. A substantial portion of Tuscaroras joined the Oneida in supporting the Americans, however, and they stayed in New York, settling on reservations where they continue to live on or close to their ancestral grounds.

Today, Tuscarora live in Canada and New York. Despite their difficult past, they continue as a sovereign nation with the Haudenosaunee government including chiefs, clan mothers, and faithkeeper. They maintain their culture and traditions, such as playing the traditional form of lacrosse called "stickball" traditionally used as a method of setting inter-tribal disputes without the violence of war. They still have much to offer contemporary society.

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