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World Cup

The host nation for the World Cup final tournament is automatically qualified to play in the tournament

Saint Andrew

It is said that Saint Andrew, refusing to be crucified on the same type of cross as Christ because he was not worthy, was martyred on an X-shaped cross.


Methuselah is famous for having lived 969 years, according to the Bible, a lifespan much beyond current human longevity and thus the subject of much speculation

Remembrance Day

Artificial poppies are worn as a symbol of remembrance on Remembrance Day (Veterans Day)

Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann's defense for his crimes against humanity during the Holocaust - that he had abdicated his conscience in order to follow the "Führerprinzip" - inspired the Milgram experiment

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed while playing poker in Deadwood, in what is now South Dakota

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams, wife of second president John Adams, and mother of John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the United States, was the first First Lady to live in the White House

Affirmative action

Some policies adopted as affirmative action, such as quotas for race or gender in college admissions, have been criticized as a form of reverse discrimination


There have been dozens—perhaps hundreds—of locations proposed for Atlantis

Foot binding

In China, girls' feet were bound so the arch was forced upward, resulting in a "lotus foot"

Bahadur Shah II

Bahadur Shah II, the last Moghul emperor of India, had little political power and was finally exiled for treason by the British


Malawi is known as the "Warm Heart of Africa."

Cave painting

Cave paintings probably had a religious or informational purpose rather than being purely decorative

Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr was the sixth and last wife of King Henry VIII

Recorder (music)

The recorder, originally popular in Medieval music, was revived in the twentieth century

Mishima Yukio

Twentieth century Japanese author Mishima Yukio performed "seppuku"-ritual suicide-to end his life


"Mehndi" is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration

Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas emphasizes salvation through understanding the words of Jesus


The capital and largest city of Albania is Tirana


The original meaning of "cartoon" comes from the Italian "cartone," meaning "big paper," and referred to a drawing made on paper as a full size study for artwork

Community of Christ

The Community of Christ was formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


The didgeridoo is commonly claimed to be the world's oldest wind instrument

Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith, Jr. published the first edition of the Book of Mormon in 1830 in Palmyra, New York


Chile is situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire and has many active volcanos and has suffered many severe earthquakes


Goliath, champion warrior of the Philistines, was reputed to be over nine feet tall yet he was defeated by the young Israelite boy David, who later became king

Zhou Dynasty

The Mandate of Heaven, requiring rulers to rule justly, was introduced by the Zhou Dynasty of China

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was called "the Two-Horned One" in Islamic and Arabic-language sources and "Alexander the Cursed" in Zoroastrian literature


Many Aleuts became Christian, joining the Russian Orthodox Church during the years when Russian fur traders settled in Alaska


Recidivism refers to a relapse into criminal behavior or substance abuse

Graham Greene

Graham Greene's intense focus on moral issues, politics, and religion, mixed with suspense and adventure, became the trademark of his popular novels.


Shinto is commonly translated as "the Way of the Gods"

Carnatic music

Like all art forms in Indian culture, Carnatic music is believed to have a divine origin


The Cayuga were one of the original five tribes that formed the Iroquois Confederacy

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was one of the few actors or actresses of the silent film era to make a successful transition to the "talkies"

Defense mechanism

Defense mechanisms work by changing unacceptable impulses into acceptable forms, or by unconsciously blocking such impulses, and thus reducing anxiety.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was among the tallest man-made structures on Earth for many centuries

Golden Horde

The Golden Horde was a Mongol state established in the thirteenth century after the break up of the Mongol Empire

George Washington

Because of his central role in the founding of the United States, George Washington is often called the “Father of the Nation”


Passamaquoddy are known for their arts and crafts, such as jewelry, basketry, wood carving, and building birch bark canoes


Micronesia is one of three major cultural areas in the Pacific Ocean, the other two being Melanesia and Polynesia