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Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Daniel Patrick Moynihan regarded the breakdown of the family, particularly the black family, as central to the problem of poverty

Abydos, Egypt

So rare is a full list of pharaoh names that the Table of Abydos has been called the "Rosetta Stone" of Egyptian archaeology


Winston Churchill called Uganda "the pearl of Africa"

Modern dance

Modern dance developed in the twentieth century as a rebellion not only against the constraints of classical ballet but as a way to express contemporary social concerns


Astronomy is one of the few sciences where amateurs can still play an active role

Ethical Culture

The Ethical Culture movement is founded on the premise that moral tenets are not necessarily grounded in religious or philosophical dogma


The Trimurti is the Hindu representation of God as Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), and Shiva (destroyer)


Dwarves are famed miners and metalsmiths, and some myths suggest they have the ability to forge magical items.


True matriarchal societies were, and are, extremely rare


The most common theory of the origin of centaurs is that when non-riding cultures first saw nomads mounted on horses they thought they were half-horse, half-man creatures.


Many of the stories from Genesis are retold in the Qur'an

Margaret Thatcher

A Soviet newspaper gave Margaret Thatcher the nickname "Iron Lady," which she enjoyed as it reflected her uncompromising politics and steadfast leadership


The term hijacking arose in connection with the seizing of liquor trucks during Prohibition in the United States.


Urbanization can be planned or organic.


Grenada is known as the "spice isle" because it is a leading producer of several different spices


The form that we now recognize as the symphony took shape in the early eighteenth century


Dogen studied Zen Buddhism in China and then spread the teachings and practice of Zen meditation in Japan


The Chickasaw were one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" who adopted practices of European Americans but were then forcibly removed to the Indian Territory during the era of Indian Removal

Westminster Abbey

Since 1066, the coronations of English and British monarchs have been held in Westminster Abbey


Prejudice is a prejudgment based on membership in a group

Appalachian Mountains

The birth of the Appalachian Mountains predates the formation of the American continent

Constantine I

Constantine the Great was the first Roman Emperor to accept Christianity

George Peter Murdock

Peter Murdock's research showed that the family of parents and children is a central social structure in all cultures


The town of Orono in Maine takes its name from the great Penobscot chief or sagamore, Joseph Orono

Contact lens

The first corrective contact lenses were made of blown glass


Chile is situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire and has many active volcanos and has suffered many severe earthquakes

Rock art

The many possible meanings of prehistoric rock art include records of hunts, religious practices, and astronomical calendars

Code of Hammurabi

The term "written in stone" comes from the Code of Hammurabi, first King of the Babylonian Empire, who had the laws inscribed on a large stone stele

Charles Perrault

Charles Perrault was almost 70 years old when he wrote his Histoires ou Contes du temps passé (also known as Mother Goose Tales).

Reserve Officers' Training Corps

ROTC in the United States began in 1916 with the passage of the National Defense Act that was intended to increase "preparedness" prior to the American entry into World War I.


The origin of the word "midden" is Scandinavian and means "manure pile"


The Donatists were the first Christian movement to oppose the union of church and state

Shroud of Turin

The shroud of Turin, which bears the image of a crucified man claimed to be Jesus, is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy.

Akbar the Great

Akbar the Great, leader of the Moghul Empire, fostered pluralism and tolerance for all religions

Neoclassical Music

Neoclassical music emerged as a reaction to romanticism with a return to the order and emotional restraint of classical music following the ferment of the First World War


Imhotep is considered the founder of Egyptian medicine

Earth lodge

Several Plains Indians tribes lived in semi-subterranean buildings covered with earth, known as earth lodges


The Greek polymath Posidonius attempted to create a unified worldview, showing the interconnectedness of the world and how all forces have an effect on each other and on human life

South Korea

Park Geun-hye, daughter of former president Park Chung-hee, is the first woman to be elected President in South Korea


Nigeria has experienced very high population growth and is now the most populous country in Africa

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