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The Minotaur was actually an unfortunate beast, the result of a union between a white bull and the wife of Minos. The bull was sent by the god Poseidon as a sign to Minos that he would be king, but was to be sacrificed when the sign was received. Minos found the bull so beautiful that he attempted to trick Poseidon, sacrificing a different bull and keeping the white bull alive. Poseidon's revenge was to have Minos's wife fall in love with the bull, and the Minotaur was the result of their union. Although she loved him at first, the Minotaur became too large and aggressive, and was imprisoned to keep the people safe, finally dying at the hands of the hero, Theseus.

Such a tale carries much symbolism and meaning for humankind. While the bull may have been externally beautiful, it was wrong to cherish it above the word of heaven. The child of the union was unlovable, even by his own mother, for he was monstrous and only part human. Nevertheless, fallen human beings are like the Minotaur, part original, true human being and part dangerous beast. We are the result of the unholy union that took place at the beginning of human history, when the first human ancestors disobeyed God (at the Fall of Man). We have all inherited the lineage of Satan, and, like the Minotaur, are not true human beings.

We live trapped in a maze of our own confusion and self-centered desires. Whichever way we turn, we lose ourselves more deeply, having no string to show us the path back. Although the Minotaur was slain by the hero, human beings should not be killed, but saved by the Messiah, the hero that God (who is our true parent and still loves us) sends to rescue us and who shows us the way to live as true human beings in true human society.

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