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Unification Aspects:

A helicopter is a rotary-wing aircraft, lifted and propelled by one or more horizontal rotors. Although it has a number of limitations compared to a fixed-wing aircraft, it offers several advantages: it can hover, fly in reverse, and both take off and land vertically. Thus, it can fly to and from nearly anyplace in the world.

From a Unification perspective, a number of points can be made:

  • As a significant part of transportation technology, helicopters have opened the way for people to access remote locations relatively quickly. This is especially useful in accessing areas that do not have landing strips or bringing help in cases of emergencies. In this manner, people can visit and help one another, regardless of distance or location, drawing us closer together as one human family.
  • By its ability to hover over an area at relatively low altitudes, a helicopter is also useful in surveying territory and monitoring situations on the ground, such as traffic patterns, accidents, flooding, fire, and so forth. Thus, a helicopter operator can send out alerts to warn commuters of problematic conditions on the road ahead. This opens up another way for people to live in service to others.
  • Our human ability to conceive of and build helicopters is a manifestation of our formidable intelligence, ingenuity, and creativity, setting us apart from the animal world. These attributes are linked to our spiritual dimension and reflect our inheritance of God's intelligence, ingenuity, and creativity. Furthermore, by using these qualities in service of others, we can be channels for God's love to flow to others and to build a world of peace and happiness for all.
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