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Featured Article: Rehoboam

Rehoboam King of Israel (930 - 913 B.C.)
Rehoboam was a king in ancient Jerusalem, succeeding his father Solomon and his grandfather David. He was the third king of the House of David and, after losing control of the northern tribes shortly after his coronation, became the first king of the later Kingdom of Judah. His name, ironically, means “he who enlarges the people.”

Popular Article: University of Tokyo

The Yasuda Auditorium on the University of Tokyo's Hongo Campus
The University of Tokyo (東京大学, Tōkyō Daigaku; abbreviated as 東大, Tōdai) is one of the leading research universities in Japan, producing top officials for the central government of Japan as well as leading scholars in all fields. The university is perceived by many Japanese as the best gateway to success in careers in central government agencies and in top enterprises. The university has produced many Japanese politicians including several prime ministers. It is one of the seven Imperial Universities before World War II.

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It has been said that when Hernan Cortes reached Mexico the Aztecs thought he was their god Quetzalcoatl (source: Hernán Cortés)