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The United States National Library of Medicine operated by the United States federal government, is the world's largest medical library, located on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. The collections of the National Library of Medicine include more than seven million books, journals, technical reports, manuscripts, microfilms, photographs, and images on medicine and related sciences, including some of the world's oldest and rarest works.

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Southern Ocean
The Southern Ocean, also known as the Antarctic Ocean, is a large body of water encircling the continent of Antarctica. This oceanic zone is where cold, northward flowing waters from the Antarctic mix with warmer sub-antarctic waters. This ocean is considered by the International Hydrographic Organization to be the fourth largest body of water of any of the world's principal oceans. It has only recently been defined by the scientific community, although the term Antarctic Ocean was used in earlier times.

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