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Featured Article: Menachem Begin

Menahem Begin at Camp David
Menachem Begin (August 16, 1913 - March 9, 1992) was head of the Zionist underground group the Irgun, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and the first Likud Prime Minister of Israel. Though revered by many Israelis, Begin’s legacy remains controversial. As the leader of the Irgun, Begin played a central role in Jewish military resistance to the British Mandate of Palestine, but was strongly deplored and consequently sidelined by the mainstream Zionist leadership. Suffering eight consecutive defeats in the years preceding his premiership, Begin came to embody the opposition to the Ashkenazi Mapai-led establishment. His electoral victory, in 1977, not only brought to an end three decades of Labor Party political hegemony, but also symbolized a new social realignment in which previously marginalized communities gained public recognition.

Popular Article: Wilhelm Wundt

Wilhelm Wundt
Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt (August 16, 1832 – August 31, 1920) was a German physiologist, philosopher, and psychologist. Innovatively combining philosophy and physiology, Wundt created a new branch of science, psychology, which was a research field of physiology addressing questions of philosophy. Wundt is typically acknowledged as the founder of experimental psychology and of structuralism in psychology. His system is considered to be dualistic, atomistic, associationistic, and introspective.

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