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Featured Article: 1905 Russian Revolution

Demonstrations before Bloody Sunday
The Russian Revolution of 1905 began as a wave of mass political and social unrest that spread through vast areas of the Russian Empire. In the face of these challenges, a protest march to the Winter Palace, led by an Orthodox priest, triggered mass protests when it was met with deadly force. The events of the massacre, known as Bloody Sunday, led to worker strikes, peasant unrest, and finally military mutinies. The 1905 revolution is generally understood to have set the stage for the 1917 revolutions that enabled the Bolsheviks to emerge as a distinct political movement in Russia.

Popular Article: Nez Perce

Tribal flag
The Nez Perce (autonym: Niimíipu) are Native American people who live in the Pacific Northwest region (Columbia River Plateau) of the United States. They speak the Nez Perce language or Niimiipuutímt, a Sahaptian language related to the several dialects of Sahaptin. Initially successful in their relationships with white settlers, they were forced to leave their ancestral homeland in Wallowa Valley in Oregon, promised to them at an earlier council, o be relocated in a reservation in Idaho. Today, Nez Perce are active in many areas, especially offering their expertise in fishing and horse breeding programs.

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Jing (essence), Qi (breath energy) and Shen (a divine or human spirit) are known as the "Three Treasures" in Daoism (read more)