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  • ...tion and is standardized and centralized in its organization. [[Compulsory education]] starts at the age of six, when students enter [[Primary school in France| général''. However, there are also ''Grandes écoles'', elite higher education establishments which function outside of the public university system, that
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  • [[Category:Education]] ...As distance education has developed, it provides the potential for quality education for all people, regardless of their location. As such, it is an important a
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  • ...ocial studies]], and [[moral psychology|moral development]]. Much of the research in this field is designed to address the desire of teachers to improve thei Ultimately, the goal of those working in the field of educational psychology is to understand the processes and conditions under which huma
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  • ...[[martial law]], the declaration of Bangladesh's independence, [[Operation Searchlight|military suppression]], devastation during war, and natural calamities ...ndation (architecture)|foundation]] in [[Bengal]].<ref>[ Chawk Mosque (Dhaka)]. accessdate 2007-07-06 </ref>
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  • [[Category:Education]] ''This article deals with the government-funded school provided for [[public education]]; for the British public school see [[Independent school (UK)]]''.
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  • ...lang|zh-hant|父}} (fù) for "father," with the result that the essence of education is meant to teach about one's [[filial piety]] for one's father. From this, at home." However, 女 was in olden days most likely a polyphone with a secondary reading of *an, as may be gleaned from the set yàn {{lang|zh-cn|妟}} "tra
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  • ...missionary]] outreach, direct evangelization, intellectual research, and [[education]] (schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, theological faculties, cult ...r ministry, for instance, was a deliberate response to the relatively poor education of much of the clergy of his time, and the Jesuit vow against "ambitioning
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  • [[Category:Educators and Educational theorists]] ...dt Universität]] in [[Berlin]], and made significant contributions to the educational system in [[Prussia]] and, through its influence, to the world.
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  • Education and literacy rates and measures of social well-being are relatively high co ===Education===
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  • ....'' (Oxford University Press, 2000).</ref> These aspects combine to create secondary aspects including structure, texture and style. Other commonly included asp == Education ==
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  • ... with nine ''kreitsen'' and 35 ''districten.'' Joseph also secularized the education system and reorganized or abolished a number of religious orders. ...arity and education—sparking the so-called [[School War]] when religious education was eliminated from public primary schools. The School War triggered a cons
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  • ...e local grammar school, [[Royds Hall Secondary School]], Huddersfield. His education was disrupted in 1931 when he contracted typhoid fever after drinking conta ...llow of the latter college 1938–1945). For much of this time, he was a research assistant to William Beveridge on [[unemployment]] and the trade cycle.
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  • ...mbers of North Koreans illegally entered the People's Republic of China in search of food. Faced with a country in decay, Kim Jong-il adopted a [[Songun|"Mil ...onan'' in March 2010, killing 46 seamen, was claimed by a multi-national research team<ref>[ North
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  • == Education == ...point where now the proportion of the population with at least a secondary education is substantial.
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  • ...nual average number of tornadoes"> [ NOAA National Climatic Data Center]. Retrieved N From 1865 to 1940 the state was poor. Educational levels were low as public schools were underfunded, especially for Africa
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  • | population_estimate = 5,638,700<ref>[ Populat A long period of stable government, investment in housing and education, and pragmatic and pro-active policies have created a modern nation that ex
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  • ...e Ministry of Education and Sciences reports that 461 schools (primary and secondary) are now connected to the internet. In addition, an Internet Service Provid sector also grew in the past few years. The work force has competitive education and skills, but lacks adequate jobs, leading to steady [[brain drain]]. The
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  • ...nts, laying the foundation for Darjeeling's high reputation as a center of education. The opening of the [[Mountain Railways of India|Darjeeling Himalayan Railw ...ociety Dialogue on Human Rights and Peace] (Kolkata: Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group, 2003). Retrieved May 26, 2018.</ref>)—acts and regulations of the
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  • [[Category:Education]] ...and [[Nobel Prize]] winners; however, according to the Institute of Higher Education the University of Tokyo is ranked the best in the Asian Pacific Region.
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  • ...]]. He soon had converted a large area of the [[Danube]], and introduced [[education]] and other reforms. He promoted the [[salt mine]]s of [[Salzburg]], then a ...fascist regime, backed by the army and the Heimwehr (Home Defence League), searched the headquarters of and banned the Socialist Party. Later Dollfuss abolis
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