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Organized crime is a centralized enterprise established to carry out criminal activities, usually for profit. Sometimes the profit is used for other purposes including terrorism or politically motivated activities.

Organized crime depends on a certain level of support from the surrounding social environment, whether in the form of markets for illegal commodities or services such as alcohol during Prohibition, prostitution, drugs, gambling, and so forth, or the weakness, even corruption, of social leaders and law enforcement in restraining their activities.

Thus, while those involved in organized crime are clearly wrongdoers, acting against the benefit of society as a whole by breaking the law and social norms, their activities and success are predicated on problems in society itself. To solve the problems of organized crime, therefore, is not simply a question of changing the criminals, but more significantly requires changes in the non-criminal element of society. When all members of society have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, enjoying happiness and prosperity, there will be no place for organized crime.

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