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  • ...[[local search (Internet)|local search]], and industry-specific [[vertical search]] engines. ...words and to remove barriers to the [[web crawler|indexing activities]] of search engines.
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  • ...tion K," was also thwarted when Japanese submarines assigned to refuel the search aircraft discovered that the refueling point—a hitherto deserted bay of 108 aircraft at 04:30 on June 4. At the same time, he launched seven search aircraft (one of which was launched 30 minutes late), as well as combat air
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  • .../Archives?p_product=MH&s_site=miami&p_multi=MH&p_theme=realcities&p_action=search&p_maxdocs=200&p_topdoc=1&p_text_direct-0=0EB3619008FD4B9F&p_field_direct-0= ...0.</ref> The remaining panels depict Sudhana's further wandering about his search; terminated by his attainment of the [[Perfection of Wisdom|Perfect Wisdom]
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  • ... his death in 1272, Magna Carta had become a settled part of English legal precedent, and more difficult for a future monarch to annul as King John had attempte ...ere made to prove that Parliament had [[Rome|Roman]] origins. This futile search was undertaken with great earnest. The events at Runnymede were re-discove
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  • ===Precedents=== ...ked from Norfolk, Virginia for Japan, in command of a squadron of ships in search of a Japanese trade treaty. His fleet included the best of American technol
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  • ...ominance, Baudrillard developed theories in which the excessive, fruitless search for total knowledge lead almost inevitability to a kind of delusion. In Bau ...uncompromising positions, has led to his being criticized with an almost unprecedented ferocity (possibly only [[Jacques Lacan]] has been the subject of so many
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  • ... in the list, e.g. with the [[binary search algorithm]] or [[interpolation search]] either automatically or manually. *Wisbey, Roy Albert. ''The Computer in Literary and Linguistic Research: Papers from a Cambridge Symposium.'' Publications of the Literary and ling
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  • ...ossible for any planar map, but every known proof involves a computational search that is too long to check by hand.]] Deep Theorem], Wolfram Math World, Wolfram Research. Retrieved March 16, 2008.</ref> A theorem might be simple to state and yet
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  • ... notable for its inclusion of extensive [[non-statutory law]] reflecting [[precedent]] derived from centuries of [[judgment]]s by working [[jurist]]s. As a genre of law which is based on custom, tradition, and/or precedent, common law is a historical background of the means towards a harmony and c
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  • ... of time around the sixth century.<ref name="abahatta">[ Abahattha] in {{Harvnb|Asiatic Society of Bangladesh|2 ...en missing in the present tense.<ref name="huq_sarkar">[ Bangla language] in {{Harvnb|Asiatic Society of Bangla
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  • ... Dominic and the Rosary.'' ISBN 0898705185</ref> However, most scholarly research suggests a more gradual and organic development of the rosary.<ref name=enc ...+the+signs+of+the+nails+she+might+repeat+the+Psalter+of+Blessed+Mary.&btnG=Search+Books Bernard O'Reilly. ''True Men as We Need Them: A Book of Instruction f
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  • Other Jewish writers who have praised Paul as a Jew searching for a Jewish answer to the problem of including non-Jews in the realm of *[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Saul of Tarsus]
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  • ...c rule helped to ensure Islam's survival, they may not necessary represent precedents for all times and places. Muslims are careful to ascertain whether Muhamma Muir followed others in seeing Muhammad at Mecca as sincerely searching for the truth but alleged a moral decline at Medina where worldly ambiti
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  • <ref>"''[ Ark of the Covenant]''". Jewish Encyclopedia.</re ...ction of ancient [[Rabbinic]] writings. <ref>Mock, Robert, "''[ The Hiding of the Ark]''".</ref>
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  • ... scribes and [[Humanism|humanist]] scholars of the early fifteenth century searched for ancient [[minuscule]]s to match the Roman inscriptional capitals. Pra *McKitterick, David. ''Print, Manuscript, and the Search for Order, 1450-1830''. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2003. ISB
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  • ...ellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, best known as the author of ''In Search of Lost Time'' (''À la recherche du temps perdu,'' also translated previou ...responds with the consolidation of the French Third Republic. Much of ''In Search of Lost Time'' concerns the vast changes, most particularly the decline of
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  • ...tatistics]]. Historically, both encyclopedias and dictionaries have been researched and written by well-educated, well-informed content experts, who have att .... Further, electronic media offer previously unimaginable capabilities for search, indexing and cross reference. The epigraph from [[Horace]] on the title pa
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  • the thirteenth century, the Roman Church and its papal head exercised unprecedented power, conferring temporal authority upon kings and governing everyday af ...Dictionary -medieval" [ Definition from Online Etymology Dictionary] - Retrieved October 2
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  • the public arena in fields such as politics, business and scientific research. Contemporary Indian feminists are fighting for individual autonomy, politi ...of oppression from that of white women.<ref name=walker>Alice Walker. ''In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens.'' (Phoenix, 2005. ISBN 9780753819609)</ref>
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  • ... upon to protect minorities, and which may call for a correspondingly more searching judicial inquiry.<ref>[[Case citation|304 U.S. 144, 152 n.4 (1938)]]. Fo Thus were born the "more searching" levels of scrutiny—"strict" and "intermediate"—with which the Court
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