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  • Today, the TAT is widely used as a tool for research in areas of psychology such as [[dream]]s, fantasies, mate selection, and w ...limit the range of personality characteristics that the TAT can explore. Research has shown that factors including race, gender, and [[social class]] of both
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  • ''[[Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (novel)|Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas]]'' ''[[Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72]]''
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  • ...also referred to as the Second [[Red Scare]], and coincided with increased fears about [[Communism|communist]] influence on American institutions and [[esp ...icy in the State Department."<ref>Robert Griffith. 1970. ''The Politics of Fear: Joseph R. McCarthy and the Senate.'' (University of Massachusetts Press, I
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  • ...thin the Army was left isolated and apparently discredited, since the much-feared war with the western powers had apparently been won by Germany within a y ... Klostersturm'' (Operation Attack-the-Monastery) had also helped to spread fear among regime-critical Catholic clergy.
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  • ...ifice.<ref>[ Ibid.]</ref> Both views have been variously endorsed and debated i ... down.<ref>[ Azazel].Retrieved February 18, 2008
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  • ...any love affairs and mistresses. In his autobiography he remarked that the search for love was for him a lifelong preoccupation. a believer in the scientific method, knowledge derived from empirical research that is verified through repeated testing, he believed that science reaches
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  • ...existing outside of earth, many scientists remain hopeful and continue the search. Given that the existence of life beyond earth has ramifications of the gre ...ories. Even those who claimed not to believe in aliens shared a widespread fear of malevolent creatures from space, possibly best demonstrated by [[Orson
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  • ...itive psychology]] to behavior therapy. Further developments may include research from cultural, spiritual, neurological, and biological sciences. ====Search for appropriate therapies to treat psychological disorders====
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  • ... perfect their lives in the form of well being, the neurotic may display a fear of being slightly flawed. ... theory children facing difficulties with parents often use this strategy. Fear of [[helplessness]] and abandonment occurs&mdash;phenomena Horney refers to
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  • ... to believe that Diem was incapable of defeating the communists; some even feared that he might make a deal with Ho Chi Minh. During the summer of 1963, ad ...a method of "strategic persuasion," deterring the North politically by the fear of continued or increased bombardment. Rolling Thunder gradually escalated
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  • ...ia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.<ref>Jared M. Diamond, ['s_gift_to_the_world Taiwan ... Corcuff (ed.), ''Memories of the future: national identity issues and the search for a new Taiwan'' (Routledge, 2002, ISBN 0765607913).</ref> Several subseq
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  • An abnormal fear of spiders (arachnophobia) is one of the most common phobias and spiders ar ...heir silk threads. Changes in the air pressure can also be detected in the search for prey.
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  • ...m]]. The two of them were both searching for spiritual stability and their search led them toward [[Christian Science]], to which they both eventually conver ...ocuous statements instead. This led many of her conservative supporters to fear she had "gone soft" on Communism. Even her question to Stalin may have been
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  • ... Human Nature'' bear a striking resemblance to part of Malebranche's ''The Search after Truth.'' In general, Malebranche had a keen understanding of crucial ... published the first three books of what is probably his major work, ''The Search After Truth'' (''De la recherche de la vérité''), with the final three bo
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  • ... troops, the White and Red Guards. An atmosphere of political violence and fear grew among the Finns. Fighting broke out during January 1918 due to the act ...chieved and establishing influence over the people. The conservatives were fearful of losing their long-held social and economic power.<ref>Upton 1980, 109
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  • [[Quanah Parker]], a fearless Comanche leader, founded the [[Native American Church Movement]] after ...acquisition of the [[horse]], which allowed them greater mobility in their search for better hunting grounds.
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  • ...u its strength; you shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth." Cain fears that whoever meets him will kill him, but God places a [[Mark of Cain|mark ... be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth." (Genesis 11:4) God fears the ambition of mankind: "This is only the beginning of what they will do;
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  • ...ho was told [[infanticide|to kill him]]. The herdsman, out of pity and yet fearing to disobey, instead gave him to another herdsman, tying his feet togethe ...nd doesn't know who his true parents are. Undaunted, Oedipus continues his search. When a messenger arrives from Corinth with the news that Polybus is dead,
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  • ...hieftain) Cémaco had 500 warriors waiting, ready for battle. The Spanish, fearful of the large number of enemy combatants, made a vow to the ''Virgen de l ...through force, diplomacy, and negotiation, he earned a certain respect and fear among the natives. In a letter addressed to the King of Spain, he expressed
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  • ...sium215b">Plato, ''Symposium,'' </ref> According to Plutarch, Alcibiades "feared and reverenced Socrates alone, and despised the rest of his lovers."<ref'' 6.61.</ref> According to [[Thucydides]], the Athenians were always in fear and took everything suspiciously.<ref name="Th6.53">Thucydides, ''History o
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