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  • ...nal Chinese]]), [[Kanji]], [[Hanja]] and [[Hán Tự]]<br/>Right: "Chinese character" in [[Simplified Chinese]]| ...of meaning and the other the sound. There are approximately 50,000 Chinese characters in existence, but only between three and four thousand are in regular use.
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  • |fam1=[[Chinese character|Chinese]] |fam5=[[Traditional Chinese character|Traditional Chinese]]
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  • ...t known for a series of novels and the modernist play, ''Six Characters in Search of an Author.'' This play demonstrates the impact of [[relativism]] in mode Pirandello received his elementary education at home, but he was much more fascinated by the fables and legends, somewhe
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  • [[Category:Education]] .... As a teaching methodology, it falls under the category of [[experiential education]]. More specifically, it integrates meaningful [[community service]] with i
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  • ...] a child at [[home]] by parents as distinctly different from the formal [[education]] of a child's [[teacher]]-[[student]] [[relationship]] at [[school]]. A pa ...person. The family is the school of love, the place for a child to develop character and form the pattern for future relationships.<ref>Betsy and Farley Jones,
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  • ...the state of perfect [[symbiosis]] with the surrounding environment, which characterized the culture of the [[Melanesians]] of [[New Caledonia]]. For these peop
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  • ...lict''' is a state of disagreement. To be considered conflict, a number of characteristics are generally evidenced (Dana 2000): ...with these conflicting [[emotion]]s is part of the process of individual [[character]] development.
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  • ...oon's early years of study included learning to read and write the Chinese characters that were used for all scholarly works in that time. He was taught to mast ...Commerce and Industry, founded a few years earlier as part of the Japanese educational system installed in Korea by the Japanese government. ([[Japan]] governed
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  • [[Category:Education]] ...web|url =| title = Emory University |publ
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  • ...obia Uzoma, told him many stories as a child at his repeated requests. His education was furthered by the collages his father hung on the walls of their home, a ==== Education ====
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  • ... an impact similar to [[Greek]] language in European culture. With Chinese characters came the Chinese culture which was already almost 1,000-years-old under wh the same time developed their own views which sometime have been less researched in China or in [[Japan]].
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  • ...and literature; this was a chief reason Athens holds the reputation as the educational and cultural centre of the [[Ancient Greece|ancient Greek]] world. He sta ...y's nobility and wealth allowed him to fully pursue his inclination toward education. He learned music from the masters of the time ([[Damon (ancient Greek musi
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  • ...[humanism|humanistic]] [[scripture]]. His insight in [[human being|human]] character and motivation and his luminous, boundary-defying diction have influenced w ... Grammar school in central Stratford, which may have provided an intensive education in Latin grammar and literature. At the age of 18, he married [[Anne Hathaw
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  • ... concerns for European society in the run-up to the Second World War. Mann searched in vain for answers to forestall the collapse of the tradition of Western ...atorium, the protagonist of ''The Magic Mountain'' encounters a variety of characters who play out the ideological conflicts of early twentieth-century European
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  • Researchers in this field analyze states of [[happiness]], [[flow (psychology)|flow] ...and we forgot about notions like choice, responsibility, preference, will, character, and the like. The second cost was that by working only on mental illness w
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  • ==Early life and education== After leaving Harvard, Burroughs' formal education ended, except for brief flirtations as a graduate student of [[anthropology
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  • ===Childhood, youth and education=== ...s family seat, while the church graveyard features the surnames of several characters in what many regard as her best [[mystery]], ''[[The Nine Tailors]],'' and
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  • ...G1/estat/|title=最新結果一覧 政府統計の総合窓口 GL08020101|publish ...canic]]; Japan’s highest peak, [[Mount Fuji]], is a volcano. The [[kanji|characters]] that make up Japan's name mean "sun-origin," which is why Japan is somet
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  • [[Category:Educators and Educational theorists]] ...dt Universität]] in [[Berlin]], and made significant contributions to the educational system in [[Prussia]] and, through its influence, to the world.
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  • | education = ... as a series of obstacles to be overcome on the way to developing a mature character, and promoted [[discipline]], or to be more precise [[self-discipline]], as
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