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Davidson Black was fascinated by the study of fossils. After spending time with those studying the Piltdown Man, which turned out to be a hoax, Black became intrigued by the question of the origin of humankind. He decided that Asia was the most suitable place for humankind to have evolved, and began his research in China. He was successful in discovering a fossil that he immediately recognized as significant, calling it "Peking Man."

Although the Peking Man turned out not to be a new species, as Black believed, but rather an Asian "expression" of homo erectus, it was a significant find, for it shed additional light into the development of the human lineage on the Asian continent. With his work Black contributed to our understanding of human evolution and our origins, and for this he is well appreciated. His respect and appreciation for his Chinese co-workers also testifies to his sincerity and honest desire to understand human beings as belonging to one family which had one origin.

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