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  • ...rnal view of the Stanford torus.jpg|thumb|350px|Artist's conception of a [[space habitat]] called the [[Stanford torus]], by [[Don Davis (artist)|Don Davis] ... in [[science fiction]], as well as a long-term goal of various national [[space program]]s.
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  • ! style="background:#ffdead; text-align:center;" colspan="2" {{!}} Space Observatories <small>Space Observatories and their wavelength working range.</small>
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  • ...d particles that pop in and out of existence. The differences between free space and the quantum vacuum are predicted to be very small. ==Properties of ''free space''==
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  • ...e layers-en.svg|thumb|The boundaries between the Earth's surface and outer space.]] ...l locations. There is no clear boundary between [[Earth's atmosphere]] and space, as the [[density]] of the atmosphere gradually decreases as the [[altitude
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  • ...existing outside of earth, many scientists remain hopeful and continue the search. Given that the existence of life beyond earth has ramifications of the gre ...into the twentieth century. As long as humankind was unable to travel into space, extraterrestrial life seemed as probable to scientists and the general pub
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  • | caption = Computer-generated map of Pluto from [[Hubble space telescope|Hubble]] images, synthesized true color and among the highest res ...;1930&nbsp;[[Clyde Tombaugh|Clyde&nbsp;Tombaugh]] was working on a project searching for a ninth planet at [[Lowell Observatory]]. Tombaugh's work was to sys
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  • ...n print may have been in a 1988 report to the [[Corporation for National Research Initiatives]]<ref>R.E. Kahn and V.G. Cerf []]. Nevertheless, as a result of the development of the internet and its search potential, digital libraries such as [[the European Library]] and the [[Lib
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  • ... each number is fixed. (Note that the size of the inputs is not counted as space used by the algorithm.) ...cipes end up with roughly the same dish, but each has a different time and space requirement.
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  • ...these are typically available only by subscription (which most astronomy research facilities have). ...ays or weeks can now be carried out in seconds via the sophisticated ADS [[search engine]]. Studies have found that the benefit to astronomy of the ADS is eq
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  • complex and not yet fully understood. Additionally snow cover varies in space and so does stability of snow. ...e the disturbance to the slope. Members should be aware of their duties to search.
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  • ...his long range RADAR antenna, known as ALTAIR, is used to detect and track space objects in conjunction with anti-ballistic missile testing at the Ronald Re The war precipitated the research to find better resolution, more portability, more features for that new def
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  • ...article.cfm?chanID=sa006&articleID=00008965-AF27-1E41-89E0809EC588EEDF The Search for Dark Matter]. ''Scientific American''. Retrieved November 30, 2007.</re ...alaxy cluster 1E 0657-56]. Retrieved November 30, 2007.</ref> Researchers analyzed the effects of gravitational lensing to determine total mass di
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  • ...lar of Kabbalah and spread its teachings during this era. As part of that "search for meaning" in their lives, Kabbala received its biggest boost in the Jewi ... the idea of hereditary Hasidic dynasties and taught that each Hasid must "search for the ''tzaddik'' ('saintly/righteous person')" for himself&mdash;and wit
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  • |known_for = [[SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)]]<br/>[[Cosmos: A Personal Voyage ...ience]]s. He pioneered [[Astrobiology|exobiology]] and promoted the [[SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)]].
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  • ...53 Mathilde, a C-type asteroid. This image was taken by the NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft.]] ...y the possibility of [[space weathering]], as observed in [[lunar soil]]s. Space weathering is believed to be at the root of a long-standing controversy tha
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  • ...ones, home appliances, security alarms, heating and cooling systems, and [[space shuttle]]s. In medicine, it has led to the creation of new diagnostic and t ...en with a degree in calculus, were employed in commerce, government, and research establishments. After the 1920s, the expression ''computing machine'' was a
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  • ... in diameter and approximately 20 million parsecs distant. Credit:[[Hubble Space Telescope]][[NASA]]/[[ESA]].]] ...ds of Stars.] ''NASA WMAP''. Retrieved June 5, 2018.</ref> [[Intergalactic space]] is filled with a tenuous gas of average density less than one [[atom]] pe
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  • ...'dark energy''' is a hypothetical form of [[energy]] that permeates all of space and tends to increase the [[Hubble's law|rate of expansion of the universe] ... recent observations that the universe appears to be [[metric expansion of space|expanding]] at an [[deceleration parameter|accelerating rate]]. In the [[la
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  • Many researchers believe that skin darkening was an adaptation that evolved as a protecti Current research establishes that human beings are highly genetically homogeneous, meaning t
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  • ...gust 25, 1989. In 2003, there was a proposal to [[National Aeronautics and Space Administration|NASA]]'s "Vision Missions Studies" to implement a "[[Neptune ...d to champion the mathematical approach and persuaded [[James Challis]] to search for the planet.
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