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  • ...the [[Chinese Civil War]] led to the loss of the mainland to the Communist Party of China and the flight of the ROC government to Taiwan in 1949. In the ear ...te actor]], often under the name "Chinese Taipei." Domestically, the major political division is between parties favoring eventual [[Chinese unification]] and p
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  • ...nsisted of small and usually isolated groups. They were unable to mobilize political opposition to Hitler, and their only real strategy was to persuade leaders ... keep their parties alive in the hope of being able to take advantage of a political change in the future. An exception was the SPD activist [[Julius Leber]], w
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  • Despite its political form, the new Republic still called itself "Deutsches [[Reich]]," the same ...of [[Adolf Hitler]] and the [[National Socialist German Workers Party|Nazi Party]] in 1933. Although technically the 1919 constitution was not invalidated u
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  • | party=Federalist ...S. Constitution|Constitution]] in 1787, Adams was an unseen presence whose political treatise ''Thoughts on Government'' profoundly influenced the deliberations
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  • [[Image:Au-map.png|thumb|250px|Political map of Austria]] ...s by far the largest city in Austria as well as its cultural, economic and political center.
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  • ...nd after a short period of political instability due to the [[Malta Labour Party]]'s unsuccessful attempt at "Integration with Britain," Malta was granted i ...]] ''(Partit Nazzjonalista)'' and the [[Social Democratic]] [[Malta Labour Party]] ''(Partit Laburista).''
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  • ...ugurated President in March, 1968. Popular support as well as military and political support in Indonesia for Suharto's 32-year presidency eroded dramatically f ...tally suppressed separatist movements, abused [[human rights]], restricted political parties, banned student protests and maintained only a veneer of [[democrac
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  • ...gest-serving head of state. In response to unrest, Bongo introduced a multiparty system and a new democratic constitution in the early 1990s that allowed fo ...d other wildlife. Much of the land set aside was based on years of field research by the Wildlife Conservation Society, which has studied Gabon’s wildlife
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  • ...d Ali Jinnah''' (December 25, 1876 – September 11, 1948) was a major political leader of the [[Muslim League|All India Muslim League]] who founded [[Pakis ...nts of Jinnah|fourteen-point constitutional reform plan]] to safeguard the political rights of Muslims in a self-governing India. His efforts failed and this, c
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  • Gandhi, a young lawyer, was mild-mannered, diffident and politically indifferent. He had read his first [[newspaper]] at the age of 18, and wa ...nization to mold the Indian community of South Africa into a heterogeneous political force. He published documents detailing their grievances along with evidenc
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  • |image=[[File:Sudan political map 2000.jpg|299px]] ...ess Country Study ([ TOC]), research completed June 1991. Retrieved July 7, 2007.</ref>
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  • ...n, Khomeini became [[Supreme Leader]] of Iran&mdash;the paramount symbolic political figure of the new Islamic Republic until his death. ...alestinian]]s as well as in [[Lebanon]], where it support the anti-Israeli political and para-military organization known as [[Hizbullah]]. Many [[Sunni]] Musli
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  • ...od, many Indonesians turned to [[communism]] and [[social democracy]] in a search for a solution to social problems and disharmony among different religious ...came widespread in all areas of [[Indonesia]], as the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) experienced rapid growth.<ref>Leo Suryadinata. ''Mencari Identitas Na
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  • ...eeds of violent revolution and the concentration of power to the community party. [[Marxism-Leninism]] was also formulated at his time. The dictatorial power of the community party, which was supposed to be temporary, became permanent at the time of [[Stal
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  • ...[[martial law]], the declaration of Bangladesh's independence, [[Operation Searchlight|military suppression]], devastation during war, and natural calamities Modern Dhaka is the center of [[Politics of Bangladesh|political]], [[Culture of Bangladesh|cultural]] and [[Economy of Bangladesh|economic]
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  • ...Party]]. Since the defeat of Germany in [[World War II]], Hitler, the Nazi Party, and the results of [[Nazism]] have been regarded in most of the world as s ...A clerk probably changed the spelling to "Hitler.” Later, Adolf Hitler's political enemies accused him of not being a Hitler, but a Schicklgruber. This was al
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  • [[Image:Dodwilson.JPG|thumb|right|Harold Wilson, UK [[Labour party|Labour]] leader, at a meeting March 2, 1964 with U.S. Secretary of defense ... he formed a minority government with the support of the [[Ulster Unionist Party]]. In the same year, a second general election in October saw him achieve a
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  • ... the Nigerian government retook the region in 1970, he involved himself in political parties but soon resigned due to frustration over the corruption and elitis ... recent migrants from the rural villages. Achebe reveled in the social and political activity around him and later drew upon his experiences when describing the
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  • |'''Political Party:''' |As PM:Conservative Party (UK)<br />Also: Liberal Party (UK)
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  • ...the Holy Roman emperor [[Charles VI]] (1685–1740). The Austrians allowed political autonomy, introduced more efficient administration, rationalized public fin ...trian Netherlands]] in the 1780s, designed to modernize and centralize the political, judicial and administrative system. The old decentralized system would be
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