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Bridget of Sweden was born of an affluent and respected family in Sweden. Raised in a deeply religious environment, she began to receive visions and "revelations" at an early age. Her visions increased after the death of her mother when she was young, and after her complete dedication to religion-following the death of her husband, she began to have her revelations written down. Many stories and miracles are attributed to her. She and her writings experienced great popularity in Europe in the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, especially because her prayers and writings were publicized in liturgical texts, such as the Books of Hours.

Her Brigettine order was quite popular in Scandinavia and spread to other parts of Europe and England, where it still exists today.

Her writings were lost for several centuries and were only recently found in an attic in 1935 in England. But the "promises" of her "Ode Prayers" were not acceptable and the church had to discredit them, but not the prayers themselves.

Bridget lived in a religiously and spiritually active era, her contemporaries were Julian of Norwich, Catherine of Siena and her own daughter, Saint Catherine of Vadstena. Prior to her time Joachim of Fiore (1131-1202), Christina the Astonishing (1150-1224), Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-1226 and Claire of Assisi (1194-1253) and many others had inspired many people, especially women, towards the religious life. The following century saw many other mystics emerge, including Joan of Arc, considered a saint by many.

There have been many women and men mystics and saints who, like Bridget, inspired others to become devout themselves. God uses mystics, saints and devout believers to not only inspire religious or pious living but to cleanse the institutions of the time. Saint Francis of Assisi, tried without much success, to inspire the Pope to move the church towards a more humble leadership and reject the rich trappings of the clergy, which were seen as corrupting and greedy. So too, did Bridget try to guide the leaders of the time and even Pope Urban I, toward a more God centered living. Alas, eventually God had to move the center of His providence away from the corrupt Papacy and turn it toward the Protestant Revolution, where the clergy could no longer be a stumbling block to the relationship between humans and God.

Today, God is moving His providence to a family-centered paradigm aimed at recreating the original family of Eden through the movement of the True Parents, the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. As the earth is filled with God's pure families centering on True Love, the long awaited Kingdom of Heaven is emerging.
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