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  • ...istians. His most influential works include ''Man is Not Alone'', ''God in Search of Man'', ''The Sabbath'', and ''The Prophets''. His theological works argu ... briefly served on the faculty of [[Hebrew Union College]] (HUC), the main seminary of [[Reform Judaism]], in [[Cincinnati, Ohio|Cincinnati]].
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  • ...inued to attend church services, to study the Bible, and to persist in his search for answers about God, the world, and the purpose of human life. ...han race to the South along with the streams of refugees, he spent 40 days searching for and gathering each one who had responded to him as a disciple. With
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  • ...|Madison]], [[New Jersey]]. Originally established as the Drew Theological Seminary in 1867, the university later expanded to include an undergraduate [[libera ...n individualized education and a faculty of high academic standards. Its [[seminary]] is of particular note. Yet, the University makes no religious demands on
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  • | alma_mater = [[Rollins College]]<br />[[Pittsburgh Theological Seminary]] ...ed December 13, 2018.</ref> Rogers graduated from [[Pittsburgh Theological Seminary]] and was ordained a [[Christian minister|minister]] of the [[United Presby
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  • ...mposition, ethics, logic, and mathematics. At that time, [[Hartford Female Seminary]] was one of only a handful of schools that took the education of girls ser ...Cincinnati]], [[Ohio]] where he became the President of [[Lane Theological Seminary]]. Cincinnati was a hotbed of the abolitionist movement and this is where s
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  • ...H. Malter, [ "David Cassel"] ''Jewish Encyclopedia'' Retrieved December 16, 2007 ...he methods introduced by [[Zacharias Frankel]] in the [[Jewish Theological Seminary]] opened at Breslau in 1854. Since then special attention has been devoted
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  • ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref> More modern and precise research by [[Edward O. Laumann]], reported in ''Sex in America: A definitive survey
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  • ...t interest, however, was the life of Jesus, to which he devoted years of research and reflection. ...etch of the Life of Jesus,'' he was appointed Principal of the Theological Seminary at Strassbourg. In 1905, Schweitzer published a biography of [[Johann Seba
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  • ...on University''' is a [[private university|private]] [[coeducation]]al [[research university]] located in [[Princeton, New Jersey|Princeton]], [[New Jersey]] ...s and Ph.D. programs in a range of subjects. Among many others, areas of research include [[anthropology]], [[geophysics]], [[entomology]], and [[robotics]],
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  • ...n invitation from [[Reinhold Niebuhr]] to teach at the [[Union Theological Seminary]] in the United States, where he emigrated later that year. Tillich became ...n theology with [[Existentialism|existentialist philosophy]] (drawing on research in [[psychology]] in the process). Between 1952 and 1954, Tillich gave the
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  • ...ere in March 1892, Hesse showed his rebellious character: He fled from the Seminary and was found in a field a day later, cowering. ...) about what has brought him such peace, Siddhartha replies that "too much searching can get in the way of finding." Everything deserves love, Siddhartha tel
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  • ...]] commented that searching for errors in the Tyndale Bible was similar to searching for water in the sea. Bishop [[Cuthbert Tunstall]] of London declared th ...dale University College and Seminary]], a Christian university college and seminary in Toronto, is named after William Tyndale.
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  • ...e fields of [[missionary]] outreach, direct evangelization, intellectual research, and [[education]] (schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, theologica ...out the Chinese science and culture."<ref name="Udias ">Agustín Udías, ''Searching the Heavens and the Earth: The History of Jesuit Observatories'' (Astrop
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  • ... from two of his children.<ref name="Searchstonesmult">M. Scott Peck, ''In Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery '' (Hyperion, 1995). ...communities. In particular, he shares details of four communities: Friends Seminary which he attended as a teenager from 1952-1954; a group run according to th
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  • a second Seminary and [[Balyeonsa]] Temple on Mt. [[Geumgang]] as a 3rd Seminary, thus these three temples are known as the central teaching temples for the ...afflicted with a skin condition and went to the [[Songrisan]] Mountains to search for healing of his body and spirit. On the way to Beopjusa, he encountered
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  • Union Theological Seminary studying (1919&ndash;1920), where he was the seminary's first exchange student after [[World War I]]. ....S., when he agreed to a visiting professorship at [[Princeton Theological Seminary]].
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  • ...w months later. He later received a Masters Degree from Burton College and Seminary in Manitou Springs, [[Colorado]] also through correspondence. These college *[
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  • ...ted to the discovery of Wisdom and the transmission of Learning, through research and through undergraduate, graduate and professional education of the highe ...eges 2009, [ National Universities Rankings,] ''U.S. News and
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  • ...ef> ''The Acts of Jesus'' (1998),<ref name="Acts">''The Acts of Jesus: The Search for the Authentic Deeds of Jesus.'' (Harper SanFrancisco, 1998, ISBN 006062 ... that the non-apocalyptic view gained ground in the 1970s and 1980s when research into Jesus shifted out of religious environments and into secular academia.
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  • ...lar of Kabbalah and spread its teachings during this era. As part of that "search for meaning" in their lives, Kabbala received its biggest boost in the Jewi ... the idea of hereditary Hasidic dynasties and taught that each Hasid must "search for the ''tzaddik'' ('saintly/righteous person')" for himself&mdash;and wit
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