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  • of [[general relativity]] and the theoretical prediction that [[black hole]]s emit [[radiation]], often called [[Hawking radiation]]. Hawking was the ...ou Gehrig]]'s disease) that gradually paralyzed him, Hawking pursued his research vigorously and unceasingly for over half a century. He changed the way peop
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  • ...]] of most galaxies. Observational data suggests that [[supermassive black hole]]s may exist at the center of many, if not all, galaxies. They are proposed ...58 and then by the [[Earl of Rosse]] in the 1840s.<ref>K. Glyn Jones, "The Search for the Nebulae." ''Journal of the History of Astronomy'' 7 (1976):67</ref>
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  • ...dwarfs still radiate at temperatures of a few thousand [[kelvin]]s, and no black dwarfs are thought to exist yet.<ref name="cosmochronology">G. Fontaine, P. ...en, Willem J. 1950. [ The search for white dwarfs.] ''Astronomical Journal.'' 55(1183):86&ndash;89. Retrieve
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  • ...h member of a pair, the other is called its '''companion star'''. Recent research suggests that many stars are part of systems with at least two stars each. ...e [[Sirius]] and [[Cygnus X-1]] (of which one member is probably a [[black hole]]). [[Algol]], long believed to be a binary, has recently been found to be
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  • ...or some writers this denotes only the initial singularity, for others the whole history of the universe. Usually at least the first few minutes, during whi ...h photons being continually emitted and absorbed, giving the radiation a [[blackbody]] spectrum. As the universe expanded, it cooled to a temperature at whi
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  • ...uation, Einstein could not find a teaching post. After almost two years of searching, a former classmate's father helped him get a job in [[Bern]], at the Fe ...cientific work best proceeds from an examination of physical reality and a search for underlying axioms, with consistent explanations that apply in all insta
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  • ...idence suggest that galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the universe as a whole contain far more matter than [[hadron|that which interacts with electromagn ...article.cfm?chanID=sa006&articleID=00008965-AF27-1E41-89E0809EC588EEDF The Search for Dark Matter]. ''Scientific American''. Retrieved November 30, 2007.</re
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  • ...organisms and not just simpler, [[microorganism|unicellular]] creatures. Research and theory in this regard is a component of [[planetary science]] and the e ... not unique among [[star]]s in hosting planets and expanded habitability research horizon beyond our own solar system.
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  • ...r Music Center]], is the oldest center for electronic and computer music research in the United States. It was founded in 1958, by [[Vladimir Ussachevsky]] a clumsy, and a few composers sought better technology for the task. That search led three independent teams to develop the world's first playable electroni
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  • |''La ricerca delle radici''||1981||Personal anthology||''The Search for Roots: A Personal Anthology'' | || 2006 || Essays, Writings on history || The Black Hole of Auschwitz
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  • ...le below lists properties of a conceptual model that is still subject to research in modern physics. ...sible for such large-scale phenomena as the structure of galaxies, [[black hole]]s and the [[Universe#Expansion and age.2C and the Big Bang theory|expansi
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  • ...s in Calcutta calling for the 'Holwell Monument' commemorating the [[Black Hole of Calcutta]], which then stood at the corner of Dalhousie Square, to be re ...[[Burma]], [[Manchukuo]] and Japanese-controlled [[Philippines]]. Recent researches have shown that the USSR too had recognized the "[[Provisional Government
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  •"entymonline">[ Outer.] Etymonline. Retrieved January 13, 2009.</ref> <!-- This ci structures within galaxies, such as [[planet]]s, [[star]]s, and [[black hole]]s) to conditions in vast voids that have much lower density than the Unive
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  • ...l three extant [[species]] of the ''Procyon'' genus are characterized by a black mask on the face, robust body, bushy tail with rings, plantigrade hindfeet, goes across the eyes, a pointed muzzle, and they have a bushy tail with black rings. Raccoon hindfeet have been described as [[plantigrade]] (with soles
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  • ...ion|reservation]]s in the 1860s following outbreaks of [[smallpox]] and [[cholera]]. The loss of the buffalo which were essential to their [[nomad]]ic life ...acquisition of the [[horse]], which allowed them greater mobility in their search for better hunting grounds.
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  • far more brutally than the Navajo ever did."<ref>David D. Roberts, ''In Search of the Old Ones: Exploring the Anasazi World of the Southwest'' (New York, ...'' is the small round hole in the floor of the kiva ruin. The larger round hole in the floor is a fire pit. Observe that the air intake (little rectangular
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  • *"Hole In My Shoe," "Paper Sun," "Dear Mr. Fantasy" (Traffic) *"Flowers In The Rain," "Blackberry Way" (The Move)
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  • ...entieth century as well as one of the most comprehensive portrayals of the Black experience in America ever written. ...ent (1955-1968)|Civil Rights Movement]], and he was a vocal critic of both black and white ideologues who attempted to simplify or gloss over the deep compl
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  • ... claws, small crescent-shaped black ears, and a long tail that tapers to a black or reddish colored tip. Also known as a '''suricate''', this [[diurnality|d ...roop. The sentry meerkat also is the first to reappear from the burrow and search for predators, constantly barking to keep the others underground until it i
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  • ... cut its body into pieces and from these pieces people the world. So the [[Black Feet]] Indians were made from the feet – the [[Crow Nation|Crows]] and [[ ...d] with large spots of white irregularly scattered and intermixed with the black brown bey [bay] or some other dark colour."<ref name=Moulton/> By "pied," L
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