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Fowl offer important ecological, commercial, aesthetic, and culinary functions. Many birds that are eaten by humans are fowl, including poultry such as chickens or turkeys, game birds such as pheasants or partridges, wildfowl like guineafowl or peafowl, and waterfowl such as ducks or geese. Some, such as chickens and turkeys, are part of a large international trade, while some, such as ducks, turkeys, and pheasants, are sought after by hunters for sport. Peafowl, such as exemplified by the extravagant tail of the peacock, offer great aesthetic value, as do ducks, geese, and many other fowl. Ecologically, fowl are important components of terrestrial and aquatic food chains.

Thus, fowl not only advance their own individual functions, but provide a larger function for the ecosystem and for humans.

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