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  •, and which would come off completely to be discarded. He received U.S. Patent No. 3,349,949 for his pull-top can design in 1963 and licensed his inventio ...AAEBAJ Easy-Open Wall. U.S. Patent No. 3,967,752 1976-07-06] Google Patent Search. Retrieved August 3, 2008.</ref> the lid contains a scored region and a pul
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  • ...patent for ranging that is indirectly related to his device. He received a patent (GB13170) in England for his ''telemobiloscope'' on September 22, 1904. ...vention of radar. ] Retrieved May 22, 2007.</ref> and the British (British Patent GB593017 by [[Robert Watson-Watt]] in 1935), led to the first real radars.
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  • ...ooked up in the kitchen is US Patent 3,060,165," and that "nowhere in the patent do the creators demonstrate by procedure, data or even anecdote that pure r The recipe for ricin, Part III: US patent, "the production of toxic ricin" intellectual property of the US Army]. ''N
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  • ...generally from 100 to 200 words, of the contents of a document such as a research paper, journal article, [[thesis]], review, [[academic conference|conferenc ... research methodology. Indicative abstract simply describes what kind of research or writing the document is about and it does not contain any material conte
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  • ...n the [[Bell Telephone]] companies, and the aggressive defense of the Bell patents resulted in much confusion. Additionally, the earliest investigators prefe ...cenzo Manzetti]] invents the 'speaking telegraph.' He shows no interest in patenting his device, but it is reported in newspapers.
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  • | work_institution = [[Swiss]] [[Patent Office]] [[Bern|(Berne)]]<br/>[[University of Zürich|Univ. of Zürich]]<br ==The Patent Office==
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  • ... holding 1,093 [[United States|U.S.]] patents in his name, as well as many patents in the [[United Kingdom]], [[France]], and [[Germany]]. He enthusiasticall ... and can therefore be credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory. Edison was a talented inventor whose creativity improved the qu
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  • ...[[FM]] radio. Unfortunately, his life was marred by bitter lawsuits over [[patent]] rights with other inventors, particularly [[Lee De Forest]], and, eventua ...egenerative circuit (patented 1922), and the [[superheterodyne receiver]] (patented 1918). (There was a dispute regarding who invented superheterodyne radio.
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  • ...une 15, 2008.</ref> The IA makes the collections available at no cost to researchers, historians, and scholars. It is a member of the [[American Library Asso to help preserve those artifacts and create an Internet library for [[researchers]], [[historians]], and [[scholars]]. The Archive collaborates with insti
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  • ... in [[London]] and Boston Spa and is one of the world's most significant research libraries, holding over 150 million items. The library's collections includ ...he user's experience, building the digital research environment, improving searches, enlarging the British national collection, library staff development, an
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  • ...s an [[United States|American]] [[physics|physicist]], [[inventor]], and [[patent attorney]] born in [[Seattle, Washington|Seattle]], [[Washington]]. He inve 1939. His training in [[patent law]] at New York Law School enabled his search for an improved method of document duplication later, when he began to make
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  • ...]] in mid-1974 to visit [[Neem Karoli Baba]] at his Kainchi [[Ashram]], in search of spiritual enlightenment. When they reached the Neem Karoli ashram it was ... world's first-ever web server], CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Retrieved March 29, 2013.</ref>
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  • Royal, Drury Lane; [[William Davenant]] received the other, opening his patent theater in Lincoln's Inn Fields.<ref name=ReopenTheatres>Felix E. Schelling ...tor's prison]]) and turned to writing to support herself.<ref>"[ Behn, Aphra]" in ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' (20
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  • ...lim animosity. In addition, based on his principles, he was reluctant to [[patent]] his inventions and was willing to forgo a salary that was deliberately de ...iganj District]] of Bangladesh.<ref>Md Mahbub Murshed, [ Bose, (Sir) Jagdish Chandra.] Retrieved March 12, 2007
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  • ...his was patented in 1769 and so came out of patent in 1783. The end of the patent was rapidly followed by the erection of many [[cotton mill]]s. Similar tech ...(for which a [[patent]] expired in 1786) or [[puddling furnace|puddling]] (patented by [[Henry Cort]] in 1783 and 1784).
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  • ...amily left London for the safety of [[Cornwall]], where he continued his research on television at his own expense.<ref name=final>Malcolm Baird, [http://www ...historian Albert Abramson calls Nipkow's [[patent]] "the master television patent".<ref name=Ambramson>Albert Abramson, ''The History of Television, 1880 to
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  • ...ymonline>Online Etymology Dictionary, [ Gasoline.] Retrieved September 9, 2008.</ref> and is often confuse The octane rating became important in the search for higher output powers from [[aero engine]]s in the late 1930s and the 19
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  •, such a solution was used to chill wine.<ref>[ The Advent of Mechanical An American living in Great Britain, [[Jacob Perkins]], obtained the first patent for a vapor-compression refrigeration system in 1834. Perkins built a proto
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  • ...redict the tides, and by 1875 [[Frank Baldwin]] was granted the first U.S. patent for a practical calculating machine that performs four arithmetic functions centered on [[document]]s and included the notions of [[hyperlink]]s, [[search engine]]s, remote access, and [[social network]]s. (Obviously these notions
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  • ...pularized the term 'synergy', wrote over 21 books, and was granted 28 U.S. patents. He wrote and lectured on the nature of the Universe, the role of human be ...suit of the patterns he found in nature continued throughout his life. His search for nature's coordinate system, and mankind's role in the universe began wh
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