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  • ... a higher road tax for higher-emission vehicles).<ref>British Broadcasting Corporation, [ Miliband draws up green tax pla ...dings (e.g., ethics codes, social responsibility charters). In some cases, corporations have redefined their core values in the light of business ethical consider
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  • ...|British]] origins. It is the second largest [[private sector]] [[energy]] corporation in the world, and one of the six "[[supermajor]]s" ([[Vertical integration| ...[Fortune (magazine)|Fortune]]'' magazine ranked Shell as the third-largest corporation in the world, after [[Wal-Mart]] and [[ExxonMobil]]. Shell operates in over
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  •>ZenoBank, [ Company Profile for BP PLC (BP).] Retrieved October 10, 2008.</ref>| ...ters in London. The company is among the largest [[private sector]] energy corporations in the world, and one of the six "[[supermajor]]s" ([[Vertical integration
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  • industry = Computer software<br/>Publishing<br/>Research and development<br/>Computer hardware<br/>Video games<br/>| services = Azure, [[Bing (search engine)|Bing]], LinkedIn, MSDN, Office 365, OneDrive,, TechNet,
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  • ...round (often used by friendly African leaders to quell revolts) and French corporations maintain monopolies on foreign investment (usually in the form of extracti ...under conditions which unduly benefit developed nations and trans-national corporations.
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  • ...ckley, "Research note: A framework for ecotourism, " ''Annals of Tourism Research'' 21(1994), issue 3:661–669. </ref> The tourist industry and governments, The number of motor vehicles crossing a nature park increases as tour drivers search for rare species. The number of roads can disrupt the grass cover, which im
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  • ...blicity, and the Congress and Batista agreed. Backed by the U.S. and major corporations, Batista believed Castro to be no threat, and on May 15, 1955, the prisone ...overnment ordered the country's refineries – then controlled by the U.S. corporations [[Shell Oil Company|Shell]], [[Esso]], and [[Standard Oil]] – to process
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  • ...o the bottom," as multinationals leap from one low-wage country to another searching for lower production costs, in the same way that "sweaters" would have s
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  • ...donesian power.<ref>Adam Schwarz. 1999. ''A Nation in Waiting: Indonesia's Search for Stability.'' (Boulder, CO: Westview Press. ISBN 9780813336497), 2 and 2 ...tment by industrialized nations, [[labor]] laws favorable to multinational corporations, and soliciting funds for development from institutions including the [[Wo
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  • ...] has changed and is carried out primarily by large, often [[multinational corporation]]s. Various types of low skilled day workers, seasonal tenant farmers, and ...ftype=.pdf Country Profiles of Land Tenure: Africa, 1996] (Lesotho, 221) Research Paper No. 130, December 1998, Land Tenure Center, ''University of Wisconsin
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  • |established_title1 = [[Municipal corporation|Incorporated]] Census Profile]. Retrieved June 15, 2012.</ref>
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  • ... and West of the [[Straits of Magellan]]. It was the first [[multinational corporation]] in the world and the first company to issue [[stock]]. ...despread rioting. The Dutch military searched houses of Chinese in Batavia searching for weapons. When a house accidentally burnt down, military and impoveri
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  • ...themselves pose grave threats to the established distribution model. The research that attempts to measure actual monetary loss has been somewhat equivocal. ... American [[multinational corporation|multi-national]] computer technology corporation, and the [[Department of Defense]] are among those large organizations that
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  • ...d under overpopulation and underdevelopment, forcing millions of people to search for employment and better conditions abroad. This lasted until 1970. It is ...on from China and other emerging [[Asia]]n economies. Meanwhile, a base of corporations able to compete in markets for advanced goods and services is underdevelop
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  • Egyptian Workers in Paris: Pilot Ethno ...reign assignment, diplomats, translators, and employees of [[multinational corporation]]s.
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  • ...nd Anglo-Dutch War. The growing American colonies pressed ever westward in search of new agricultural lands. ... East India Company is regarded by some as the world's first multinational corporation. Its territorial holdings were subsumed by the British crown in 1858, in th
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  • ..., Lech and Rus&mdash;who, along with their tribes, set out on a journey in search of a new place to live. Czech continued until he came upon a rich land over ... is some 153 percent of the [[European Union]] average. Many multinational corporations have their European headquarters there.
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  • ...p:// ...he Atlanta area, and the region hosts offices of about 1,250 multinational corporations.
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  • ...India has also become a major exporter of software as well as financial, research, and technology services. India's software exports are growing at the rate * Mallory, J. P. ''In Search of the Indo-Europeans: Language, Archaeology, and Myth.'' London: Thames an
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  • ...ncept first presented by [[Charles Findley]] in the 1980s as part of his research on future trends and directions. "Collaborative Learning-Work" refers to pr ...E-mail]] and computer conferencing. Additionally, representatives from two multinational companies working with independent consultants are writing specifications t
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