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  • ..., so that more than one station can send signals (as distinct from [[spark-gap]] radio, where one transmitter covers the entire bandwidth of the spectrum) ...teur operators, mariners, and aviators. The FCC license is renewed ever 7 years.
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  • ...tal principles of a field in [[childhood]], basically prior to the teenage years. While [[Mozart]] may be the most well-known example of a prodigy in the f Most researchers recognize that prodigious talent tends to arise as a result of the innat
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  • from a life-boat at sea or from an isolated land location (signalling a searching rescue aircraft). Over the years, Morse has been used in inter-governmental communication, in [[commerce]],
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  • ... [[David Chalmers]] and has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years.<ref>David Chalmers. ''The Conscious Mind.'' (Oxford University Press, 199 ...e brain is simply the wrong context for the use of mental vocabulary - the search for mental states of the brain is therefore a category error or a pure conc
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  • ...least five consecutive years of residence in the United States, who are 65 years or older. Individuals who are under 65 and meet the citizenship or residen ...hey, or their spouses, paid Social Security [[tax]]es during their working years. Medicare is very different from [[Medicaid]], a government assistance pro
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  • ...ted of [[steel]], [[wood]] or pre-stressed [[concrete]]. They usually have gaps between the beams and are built perpendicular to the slope, with reinforci ...e the disturbance to the slope. Members should be aware of their duties to search.
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  • ...nd living things in a short time (usually six 24-hour days) a few thousand years ago, and it regards the natural evidence as compatible with this interpret ...commodate growing evidence that the Earth was much older than six thousand years.<ref>C.C. Gillispie, ''Genesis and Geology: The Impact of Scientific Disco
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  • | na=[[synthetic radioisotope|syn]] | hl=[[1 E13 s|2.6×10<sup>6</sup>]] [[year|y]] ...d]]s. No isotope of technetium has a [[half-life]] longer than 4.2 million years (<sup>98</sup>Tc), so its detection in [[red giant]]s in 1952 helped bolst
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  • ...f the origins of the game is David Block's ''Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game'' (2005). The publisher's description of the book ...kquote>David Block looks into the early history of the game and of the 150-year-old debate about its beginnings. He tackles one stubborn misconception afte
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  • ...parated by a short gap from the considerably smaller canine. A much longer gap is found between the canines and premolars, the first of which may be absen
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  • ...ngdom of Sardinia|Sardinians]] in [[Italy]]. On 2 January 1793, almost one year into the French Revolutionary War, republican-held forts at [[Brest, France ...ning of the [[Second Treaty of San Ildefonso|Treaty of San Ildefonso]] two years later.<ref name="HW387">Williams, p. 387</ref> Nevertheless, the siege pro
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  • ...iction is what we point to when we say it."<ref>Damon Francis Knight. ''In Search of Wonder: Essays on Modern Science Fiction.'' (Advent Publishing, Inc, 196 ...f> though [[Robert A. Heinlein]] had used it in private correspondence six years earlier.<ref>[|title=www.jessesword.c
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  • Since “living things are machines for the purposes of description, research, and analysis,” Denton wrote, it is legitimate to extend the analogy betw Two years later (1991), Berkeley law professor Phillip E. Johnson published ''Darwin
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  • ... [ "Double helix of DNA: 50 Years,"] ''Nature'' (2003). Retrieved November 29, 2017.</ref> Of these, Frankli ...right-handed spiral. As the DNA strands wind around each other, they leave gaps between each set of phosphate backbones, revealing the sides of the bases
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  • | na=95.7% | hl=4.41&times;10<sup>14</sup>[[year|y]] ...ucer of indium. Worldwide production is typically over 300 metric tons per year, but demand has risen rapidly with the increased popularity of LCD [[comput
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  • | sidereal_period = 60,223.3528 [[day]]<br />(164.88 [[julian year (astronomy)|yr]]) | journal=Science | year=1991 | volume=251 | pages=929-932
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  • ... the constellation [[Lepus (constellation)|Lepus]], located about 19 light-years from Earth. The brown dwarf, called Gliese 229B, is about 20 to 50 times t Since those earlier times, numerous searches involving various methods have been conducted to find these objects. Some
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  • ...result of a stylistic evolution that occurred over the course of nearly 30 years and continued beyond that point to the end of his life. ... School]]'' and then in a variety of styles and techniques documenting his search for a personal voice. These paintings are most definitely representational,
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  • ...d a one-story house with distinctive guttering and tiling. After extensive searching, they found that Thondup's house resembled that in Reting's vision. They ...; however, he was only able to govern for a brief time. In October of that year, an army of the People's Republic of China entered the territory controlled
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  • ...II".</ref> In some sense, the conflict became a side-show of the [[Hundred Years' War]], and David resided at [[Château Gaillard]] in northern France for ...]] and an [[Master of Arts (Scotland)|Master of Arts]] by 1335, because of gaps in the Paris records it is not certain that he was a Master until April 13
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