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  • Francesco's father went to the [[United States]] in search of work to pay for private tutoring for his son Francesco so that he might
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  • ...ism|Marxist]] solely from reading about the topic. He found that he had to search the dusty back shelves of libraries to find the socialist literature in whi ...all manuscript called ''The Collective.'' He soon gave up the idea but his search for literary feedback put him in touch with the area's close-knit community
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  • ...ref>, [ Searching for Nessie.] Retrieved June 21, 2007.</ref> ...ef>, [ Searching For Nessie.] Retrieved June 21, 2007.</ref>
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  • ...isplay.asp?story_id=7048 "Tiffany" Medal of Honor Comes to Navy Museum] ''''. Retrieved June 26, 2008.</ref> ...44 Special Forces veteran's idea leads to new Medal of Honor flag]. ''Army News Service'' accessdate 2006-07-24</ref> He designed a flag to honor Medal of
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  •|Spirit photography hoaxer Édouard Isidore Buguet (1840-1901) of France fakes telekinesis in this 1875 photograph entitled ''Fluidic Effect''.]] ...for them [[scientific method|scientifically]]. While the results of such research indicate the possibility that some of the results may not be attributable t
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  • ...nal Remembrance, [ Decision to commence investigation into Katyn Massacre.] Retrieved Ju ...nal Remembrance, [ Decision to commence investigation into Katyn Massacre.] Retrieved Ju
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  • ...all free General Hospital in the village of Puttaparthi.<ref name="TheHinduNewspaper">[ Sai Baba turns 82, is still going strong] ''CNN-IBN'' (Novem
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  • ...ed with the [[Europe]]an settlement of the continent. Beginning with the [[newspaper]]s of the East, reports of encounters with wood spirits and demons tha ...iewing [[Albert Ostman]], a retired lumberjack, one of the first bigfoot researchers, [[John Green]], reported on how Ostman alleged that in 1924, while camp
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  • ...48,'' editor A.J.O. Anderson (ed.) (Santa Fe, NM: The School of American Research and the Museum of New Mexico. 1950), 94.</ref> ...han 2,000 miles (over 3,200 km) along the coastlines of Central America in search of evidence for German bases.<ref>David H. Price, "Cloak and Trowel." ''Arc
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  • ...tural phenomenon, an enduring symbol of something called "peace and love." News of his death merited a front-page article in the ''[[New York Times]]''. Un ...vid Grisman]] Garcia traveled the American countryside in the early 1960s, searching for their own ideal in the ''the high lonesome'' sound of [[bluegrass]]
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  • ... evolved. Thus, the AP has maintained its position as the preeminent world news agency, doing more to inform and educate the public about current events th ... to pool resources to collect news from [[Europe]], they formed the Harbor News Association.<ref>"AP is older than was thought, papers show," ''Associated
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  •, California]]. Hearst acquired and developed a series of influential newspapers, starting with the ''San Francisco Examiner'' in 1887, forging them i ... United States Congress, and had great political ambition, often using his newspapers to promote his views. Near the end of his life he turned to [[philant
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  • An unacknowledged use of words, ideas, information, research, or findings not one's own, taken from any source is plagiarism only if a p Intentional plagiarism where an entire essay or research paper is copied from another source is blamed on a combination of [[stress]
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  • ...ts of the universe to him. As the dream recurred, the pile of magazines he searched grew smaller and smaller, but he never reached the bottom. Eventually, he ... employee misplaced the android, and it has not yet been found.<ref>{{cite news
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  • ...ysical behavior by the medium; both of which skeptics point out are easily faked. In addition to channeling, a medium may ask spirits to answer questions w As news of their experience spread, many flocked to the Fox house to observe the gi
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  • .... He was a three time first team All-American and was named ''The Sporting News''’ player of the year in 1970, and received the USBWA College Player of t ...would obsessively spend hours practicing ball control tricks, passes, head fakes, and long range shots.
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  • ...[Pyongyang]],<ref>[ Battle of PyongYang (one of three)] Retrieved May 3, 2008. </ref> Goguryeo ... the Sui army by ordering his Commander Field Marshal [[Eulji Mundeok]] to fake a surrender and peace negotiation terms with the Sui generals. Generals Wu
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  • ...myth perpetuated in the 1956 Disney documentary ''White Wilderness'' using faked footage. However, as a result of their being associated with such behavior ...great. Lemmings can and do swim and may choose to cross a body of water in search of a new habitat (Woodford). On occasion, and particularly in the case of t
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  • ...750 million per year, including the replacement of aging satellites, and research and development. Despite this fact, GPS is free for civilian use as a [[pub ...otating with respect to the distant stars.<ref>Metaresearch, [ What the Global Positioning System Tells U
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  • However, colorful legends and vivid contemporary newspaper portrayals had him committing acts of cruelty and terror. One tale cla ...he most complete account of the following events comes from the ''[[Boston News-Letter]]'':<ref>Cordingly, 198.</ref>
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