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  • ...tern Front)<br />[[Semyon Budyonny]] [[1st Cavalry Army (Soviet Union)|1st Cavalry Army]] ...j Bolszewika.jpg|thumb|200px|Polish [[propaganda]] poster showing [[Polish cavalry]] and a Bolshevik soldier with a starred cap. Text reads: "Beat the Bolshev
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  • ... the [[American Civil War|Civil War]] and as Chief of Scouts for the Third Cavalry during the [[Plains Wars]], Cody claimed to have worked many jobs, includin ..., Cody enlisted in the [[7th Kansas Cavalry Regiment|7<sup>th</sup> Kansas Cavalry Regiment]] (also known as Jennison's [[Jayhawkers|Jayhawks]]) and fought wi
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  • The Soviet 1st Cavalry Army under [[Semyon Budyonny]] broke through Polish lines in early June 192 ... the Battle of the Vistula 1920.'' (London: JozefPiłsudski Institute of Research, 1987), 57</ref> Nonetheless for many years the perception persisted that i
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  • ...f these, those confirmations were reversed in February 1831 when further research showed the land had never belonged to the Bowies and that the original land ...rom the Mexican government to mount an expedition into Indian territory to search for the legendary silver mine. On November 2, 1831 with his brother Rezin a
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  • ...t the Rhône in September, Hannibal's army numbered 38,000 infantry, 8,000 cavalry, and thirty-seven war [[elephant]]s. ...on at Ticinus. Here, Hannibal forced the Romans, by virtue of his superior cavalry, to evacuate the plain of Lombardy. This victory, though essentially a mino
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  • ...a single large raid, several smaller ones, and of its initial purpose: The search of plunder, to evaluate the opposition, or, more likely, a combination of t Medieval Iberian armies mainly comprised two types of forces: Cavalry (mostly nobles, but including commoner knights from the 10th century) and i
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  • |image=[[Image:M-3 Bradley cavalry fighting vehicle.jpg|275px]] ...[[M2 Bradley|M3 Bradley]] of 2nd Squadron, [[U.S. 4th Cavalry Regiment|4th Cavalry]].<br/> 19th December 1990.
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  • ...of creating communal military colonies for his troops. Despite extensive research by Mexican and foreign scholars, many of the details of Villa's life are in ...[Pascual Orozco]], started against Madero, so Villa gathered his mounted [[cavalry]] troops, ''Los dorados,'' and fought along with General [[Victoriano Huert
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  • ...ndered to General [[Oliver O. Howard]] of the [[United States Cavalry|U.S. Cavalry]]. During the surrender negotiations, Chief Joseph sent a message, usually When the U.S. 7th Cavalry accepted the surrender of [[Chief Joseph]] and the remaining Nez Perce, the
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  • ... ''The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,'' and ''The Searchers,'' he also made cavalry movies, some movies set in [[Ireland]], such as ''The Informer,'' ''How Gre ...ce in previous films in which the Indians were the "bad guys" and the U.S. Cavalry was the liberators, riding into the scene to fight against the evil Indians
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  • ...t the British in the [[First Mysore War]] in 1766. He commanded a corps of cavalry in the invasion of [[Carnatic region|Carnatic]] in 1767 at age 16. He also ...e on February 18, 1782. The British army, consisting of 100 Europeans, 300 cavalry, 1400 [[sepoy]]s and ten field pieces, was the standard size of the colonia
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  • ...smaller and smaller; the elderly no longer have the opportunity to roam in search of more appropriate food and will, consequently, die of starvation at an ea ... is less water available, and local herds will often come too close in the search to use these limited resources.
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  • ... Clyde]]. Scores of books have been written about the Rangers, from well researched works of nonfiction to [[pulp magazine|pulp novels]], making them signifi]], and [[John Salmon Ford|John Ford]]. Although the famous Eighth Texas Cavalry regiment was widely known as [[Terry's Texas Rangers]], neither its leader
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  • ...nded [[Joseon]].<ref name="Joongang126">Pyun-soon Jang, 123-132 </ref> In search of a justification for its rule given the lack of a royal bloodline, the ne ...made the decision to pull his cavalry back the Chungju, believing that the cavalry would fight easily in open ground. This enabled the Japanese army to simply
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  • ...mpanies of [[sharpshooters]], two companies of [[Frontier Cavalry|frontier cavalry]], and thousands in the regular army and navy, and in other states’ units ...[1st Vermont Brigade]], the [[2nd Vermont Brigade]], and the [[1st Vermont Cavalry]].
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  • ...y record its army at 100,000 with 10,000 of that number being made up of [[cavalry]]. With the help of the river tribes, this army could be deployed throughou =====Cavalry=====
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  • ...superior "pan-European army" in a terrain disadvantageous for the use of [[cavalry]]. ...nd hide in the nearby woods; their initial success sent the Polish knights searching for loot, resulting in their defeat. Though victorious, the Mongols were
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  • ... and entered Columbia Law School. Finding law boring, however, Roosevelt researched and wrote his first major book, ''[ Th ...uring the [[Spanish-American War]], the U.S. Navy would scour the globe in search of ships to support worldwide operations.
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  • ...tuality)|vision]] and led his band on a long [[Human migration|migratory]] search for sacred [[tobacco]], finally settling in southeastern [[Montana]].<ref n ...enth century, various eastern and northern tribes pushed on the Plains, in search of game, bison, and more horses. Because the Crow, Hidatsa, and [[Shoshone]
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  • ...s, then embracing all cultures. In his youth, he cut a dashing figure as a cavalry officer as seen in the 1972 film ''Young Winston'' (directed by [[Richard A ... the Sudan where he took part in the Battle of Omdurman (1898). He chose [[cavalry]], qualifying for a cadetship because he loved horses and there was actuall
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