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The earliest museums in ancient Greece were educational institutions where scholars gathered and the arts and learning were cultivated (read more)

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John Wesley
John Wesley (June 17, 1703-March 2, 1791) was the central figure of the eighteenth-century evangelical revival in Great Britain and founder of the Methodist movement. An ordained Anglican clergyman, Wesley adopted unconventional and controversial practices, such as field preaching, to reach factory laborers and newly urbanized masses uprooted from their traditional village culture at the start of the Industrial Revolution. He was not only a gifted evangelist but also a remarkable organizer who created an interlocking system of "societies," annual conferences, and preaching "circuits" (Methodist "connections") which extended his influence throughout England.

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Bantam BRC 40
Jeep is an automobile marque (and registered trademark) of Chrysler. It is the oldest Sports utility vehicle (SUV) brand. Land Rover is the second oldest. The word "jeep" is often used as a generic term for any vehicle of this shape and function.

It was use by the United States military during World War I that brought the Jeep to the world's notice. Subsequently, its off-road ability and its rugged but light characteristics have helped to open up inaccessible places, facilitating transport and communication in some of the most isolated locations in the world. Jeeps have often been the first vehicles to penetrate difficult terrains, providing an essential life-line for those who live there. A house-hold name across the globe, the Jeep has been as widely used by humanitarian agencies to reach disaster zones as it has been by the military in the prosecution of armed conflict.