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  • ...; the [[freedom to petition]]; and the rights to be free of unreasonable [[search and seizure]]; [[cruel and unusual punishment]]; and compelled [[Fifth Amen ...gainst "[[cruel and unusual punishment]]s",<ref>Article 9</ref> baseless [[search and seizure]],<ref> Article 10</ref> and be guaranteed a [[jury trial|trial
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  • ...p:// ...that the guilty verdict be overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct. The petition was denied by a federal judge in 1982, and in 1983 the U.S. Supreme court d
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  • ...democracy student protests of 1986–1987]].<ref>Jonathan D. Spence. ''The Search for Modern China.'' (New York: Norton, 1999), 685 </ref> Included in his re ...ier. As its size grew, the gathering of mourning gradually evolved into a "petition" nature, as students began drafting a list of pleas and suggestions (list o
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  • ...his was the happiest year of Vincent's life, cited in Kenneth Wilkie, ''In Search of Van Gogh'' (New York: Prima Publishing, Random House. 1991), 34-36.</ref ... that he was being poisoned. In March the police closed his house, after a petition by 30 townspeople, who called him ''fou roux'' ("the redheaded madman"). Si
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  •, probably by August 23. It was on that date that he presented a roll of petitions to the Pope on behalf of several Scotsmen, including [[Michael de Monymusk ... a papal letter to the Bishop of St Andrews in 1373:<blockquote>Recently a petition of the secular Prior and Chapter [of Abernethy] for confirmation described
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  • ...ere made to prove that Parliament had [[Rome|Roman]] origins. This futile search was undertaken with great earnest. The events at Runnymede were re-discove ...harter, but was defeated by the [[Attorney General]] as he stated that the petition claimed it was a mere codification of existing law stemming for Magna Carta
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  • ... police for speaking up, Corrigan recalled, "when she saw British soldiers searching young girls." On another occasion, a republican funeral was interrupted Within two days of the tragic event, she had obtained 6,000 signatures on a petition for peace and gained media attention. Together with [[Mairead Corrigan]], A
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  • ...all-forgiving, then the matter is closed. Meanwhile, the transgressed must search his [[heart]] and despite his [[suffering]], must let go of any negative [[ ...sidential Studies Quarterly'' 27 (1997): 251-271.</ref> All federal pardon petitions are addressed to the President, who grants or denies the request. Typicall
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  • ...H. Malter, [ "David Cassel"] ''Jewish Encyclopedia'' Retrieved December 16, 2007 ...etition with 250,000 signatures demanding severe anti-Jewish measures. The petition said that Jews were “inferior and depraved”<ref>Fritz B. Voll, [http://
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  • ...ce to talk with Barney about lesbian culture while doing research for ''In Search of Lost Time''. His visit was put off repeatedly owing to his poor health a ...ced him to the models for several characters in [[Marcel Proust]]'s ''[[In Search of Lost Time]]''.<ref>Wickes, 255–256.</ref> [[Alice B. Toklas]] became
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  • ... des Hautes Études Commerciales,'' ESSEC, INSEAD, etc.), world famous [[research laboratories]] (in [[Saclay]] or [[Évry]]), the largest [[sport stadium]] ...independence of those countries; and most recently, Africans and Asians in search of economic opportunity.<ref name="past immigration">{{fr icon}} [http://ww
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  • lead Foucault toward [[structuralism]]. However, whereas structuralists search for homogeneity in a discursive entity, Foucault focuses on differences. In ...[[Penal Code]], he signed a [[French petitions against age of consent laws|petition]], along with [[Jacques Derrida]] and [[Louis Althusser]], among others, as
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  • ...range at about 3&nbsp;sq&nbsp;mi (7&nbsp;km²) (Kamler and Gipson 2000). Research has shown that dispersal from the [[birth|natal]] range is most pronounced ...sistent with numerous earlier studies (Lovallo and Anderson 1996). Other research in various U.S. states has shown little or no seasonal variation (Kamler an
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  • ...ospect of war and destruction for thousands, friend or foe, and turned his search of undisputed rule into a continuous cycle of conflict throughout Europe, i
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  • ...he "unpaid labour of the working class." The capitalists are forced by competition to attempt to drive down the wages of the working class to increase their p ...ted in communes, as individual suffrage serves every other employer in the search for workers, foremen and accountants for his business.<ref name="civil war"
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  • ...disallowing spectral evidence. However, only those who had initially filed petitions were given reversal of attainder.<ref> The University of Virginia, [http:/ In 1704 and 1709, another petition was filed in hopes of a monetary settlement. In 1711, a compensation of 578
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  • ...sage. Most on-line dictionaries are now interactive, with such features as search engines, helpful notes, and programs that help users to cite the dictionary
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  • ...s are headed by women. This is often the result of out-migration by men in search of employment. [[Teenage pregnancy]] is also common, and many young mothers
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  • ... of territorial waters. A 100-member police helicopter squadron assists in search-and-rescue operations. There also is a special supporting unit of 270 membe
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  • ...a law practice, Gandhi returned to Rajkot to earn a modest living drafting petitions for litigants. After an incident with a British officer, he was forced to ... thus began the “History of Satyagraha” in South Africa. He circulated petitions to the Natal Legislature and to the British Government opposing the bill.
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