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  • this mainstream view, a small group of neuroscientists has persisted in searching for evidence suggesting the possibility of a human mind existing and ope ...Property dualists'' maintain that the mind is or constitutively involves a group of independent properties that emerge from and cannot be reduced to physica
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  • ...who suffered with mental problems. In the past 70 years infant and child research and new discoveries in adults have led to further modification of theory. D ...m the treatment of women with mental disturbances) (Blum, 1977). Several researchers, coming together in Blum's 1977 book, ''Female Psychology,'' followed [[
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  • | field = [[Neurology]], [[Psychiatry]], [[Psychology]], [[Psychotherapy]], [[Psychoanalysis]] ...their male sex organs, Freud spent four weeks at the Austrian zoological research station in [[Trieste]], dissecting hundreds of eels without finding more th
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  • ...depicted as a pyramid consisting of five levels: the four lower levels are grouped together as "deficiency" needs and are associated with [[Physiology|physi ...belong to groups, whether it be clubs, work groups, [[Religion|religious]] groups, family, [[gang]]s, etc. They need to feel loved by others and to be accep
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  • ...chological development]], and he spent a significant portion of his life researching this aspect of life, as revealed in [[symbol]]ic form through [[dream]]s ...r Zurich and Jung was an aspiring young doctor there on the rise. Jung's research at the Burgh√∂lzli established him as a psychiatrist of international reput
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  • ...g if given a chance. Thankfully, his superiors took this as a systematic research effort, which is exactly how Laing looked at it. ... this period he also participated in an existentialism-oriented discussion group in Glasgow, organized by Karl Abenheimer and Joe Schorstein.
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  • ...' is any member of the [[mammal]]ian [[species]] '''''Homo sapiens,''''' a group of ground-dwelling, tailless [[primate]]s that are distributed worldwide a ...zation. They create complex social structures of cooperating and competing groups, ranging in scale from small [[family|families]] and partnerships to speci
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  • ...estant]] [[Christianity]]. Despite the barrage of media attention that the group was subjected to, the Branch Davidian community in Waco was a marginal one ... of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at their compound on Mount Carmel, a property located nine miles (1
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  • Following his hospital stay, where he was able to experience [[psychotherapy]] for the first time, Peck attended a small [[Quaker]] school in [[Greenwic ... from two of his children.<ref name="Searchstonesmult">M. Scott Peck, ''In Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery '' (Hyperion, 1995).
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  • a handful to many hundreds of individuals. There are as many as 100,000 groups worldwide, making a global community of more than two million recovering a ... was the first 12-step program and has been the model for similar recovery groups such as Al-Anon/Alateen, [[Gambling|Gamblers]] Anonymous, [[Narcotics]] An
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  • ...rosis]] and [[personality]], based on experiences gained from working in [[psychotherapy]]. In 1937, she published the book ''The Neurotic Personality of Our Time,' The third group of needs is '''withdrawal'''. This category encompasses the final two needs
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  • [[Category:Ethnic group]] {{Infobox Ethnic group|
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  • ...eory (GST), among others, in initiating what became a project of systems research and practice. It was [[Margaret Mead]] and [[Gregory Bateson]] that develop
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  • ...em behavior resulted from feelings of lack of significance in their social group. He described four "mistaken goals" that such children would resort to, and ...ach others how to use Adlerian principles effectively in [[counseling]], [[psychotherapy]], [[parenting|parent]] education, and in the classroom. Dreikurs was often
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  • ...vents Hesse was forced to leave his military service and begin receiving [[psychotherapy]]. This began a long preoccupation with [[psychoanalysis]], through which h ...d sacrifice, he leaves home with Govinda, his admiring friend. They join a group of [[samana]]s&mdash;ascetic, wandering [[monk]]s&mdash; and live in the wi
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  • provided by some [[archetype]]. A complex is an [[emotion]]ally charged group of ideas or images, and may also be called a "feeling-toned idea" that accu ... individual's consciousness and the greater archetypal world. The aim of [[psychotherapy]] is to assist the individual in reestablishing a healthy relationship to t
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  • ... life."<ref>"Edvard Munch," in ''Encyclopedia of World Biography'' (Gale Research, 1998).</ref> ...own]] and, returning to Scandinavia, entered a clinic in Copenhagen. The [[psychotherapy|therapy]] Munch received while there seemed to bring about a change in his
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  • ...s president of the [[Philolexian Society]], the campus literary and debate group. ...demand a [[lobotomy]]. The institution refused, giving him many forms of [[psychotherapy|therapy]], including [[Electroconvulsive therapy|electroshock therapy]]. Mu
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