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  • ...SI) introduced the first citation index for papers published in [[academic journal]]s, starting with the ''[[Science Citation Index]]'' (SCI), and later expan ...ook]], and others. For example, if an article is frequently cited by other journal articles and books in the discipline, it may indicate the relative importan
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  • ...these are typically available only by subscription (which most astronomy research facilities have). ...d the system is estimated to have tripled the readership of astronomical [[journal]]s.
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  • ...ten used, an electronic [[index (publishing)|index]] of [[academic journal|journal]] or [[magazines|magazine]] [[article (publishing)|article]]s. This latter ...ll structured bibliographic database is an indispensable tool for modern researchers to find descriptive records of relevant information sources. Also, bibli
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  • ...losophical Transactions]],’’ generally considered the first scientific journal, in 1665 by the Royal Society (London). ...ndon]]), was founded in Philadelphia in 1743. As numerous other scientific journals and societies were founded, Alois Senefelder developed the concept of lith
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  • ... frequently used as a [[proxy (statistics)|proxy]] for the importance of a journal to its field. ...ournals which it indexes, and the factors and indices are published in ''[[Journal Citation Reports]]''.
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  • Definition of “mathematicus.”] Retrie ...logy3.html#defense Activities With Astrology.] Retrieved July 3, 2007; The Scientific Exploration of Astrology, [ The Case F
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  • ...n this manner: [[Scholarly journal]]s, known specifically as [[open access journal]]s, open access archives or repositories,<ref>Peter Suber, [http://www.earl ...articles. It can similarly be used for publishers of [[delayed open access journal]]s, in which users gain open access to articles after a short [[embargo]].
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  • ...,'' or Χ) is an [[open access]] archive for electronic [[preprint]]s of [[scientific paper]]s in the fields of [[mathematics]], [[physics]], [[computer science] ...orts to create platforms for [[collaborative learning-work|collaborative research and learning]] contribute to the democratization of knowledge.
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  • ... dinosaur communication also remains enigmatic, and is an active area of research. For example, recent evidence suggests that the hollow crests of the lambeo ...saurus'' and became the first person to describe dinosaurs in a scientific journal.
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  • ...kinds of publications that are accepted as contributions of knowledge or research vary greatly between fields, as do review and publication processes. ... very common. Journal aggregator services combine hundreds to thousands of journals into a package, the access to which they sell to libraries and institution
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  • ...output is still unpublished. An innovator in fields such as mathematics, research methodology, the [[philosophy of science]], [[epistemology]], and [[metaphy ...d MA from [[Harvard University|Harvard]], and in 1863 Harvard's [[Lawrence Scientific School]] awarded him its first M.Sc. in [[chemistry]]. This last degree was
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  • ...y languages. A highly popular writer, praised for her ability to take dull scientific facts and transform them into near poetry, she stunned the American public ...ors to [[zoology]] and marine biology, not yet aware that her literary and scientific passions would complement each other to the point of sparking environmental
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  • ...ogy''. Amassing a tremendous amount of evidence, both from his own field research and the work of others, Lyell popularized the concept that the geological f .... Wilson, "Charles Lyell," in C. Coulston Gillispie (ed.), ''Dictionary of Scientific Biography'', Vol. VIII (Pennsylvania: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1973).</ref>
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  • ...a well-known advocate for science education and federal funding for pure research. He was a key contributor to the report "[[A Nation at Risk]]" as a member He kept a daily journal from 1927 until he suffered a stroke in 1998. As a youth, Seaborg was both
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  • ...e="JE Noah">[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Noah]. McCurdy, JF, Bacher, W, Seligsohn, M, Hirs ==The Ark in scientific and critical scholarship ==
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  • ...odicals such as journals, magazines, and newspapers. A [[Web search engine|Search engine]] is a web based index. ...iodical index''' is an index for articles of periodical literature such as journals, magazines, and newspapers.
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  • ...orm, the [[intellectual]] output of an [[institution]], particularly a [[research institution]]. For a [[university]], this would include materials such as [[research journal]] articles, [[peer review|peer reviews]], and digital versions of [[theses]
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  • :''This article focuses on modern scientific research on the origin of life on Earth, rather than religious belief, creation myth ... In 2002, William Schopf published a controversial paper in the scientific journal ''Nature'' arguing that geological formations such as this possess 3.5 bill
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  • ...[Académie Française]].<ref name="IEP">Mauro Murzi, [ Jules Henri Poincaré.] ''The Internet Encyclopedia of P A Note on Relativity Before Einstein.] ''British Journal for the Philosophy of Science'' 37 : 232-234. ''The University of Queenslan
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  • ...ere she lived out the rest of her life in Charlottesville with her sons. Researchers believe she was buried at a site in downtown Charlottesville, which now ...ed involvement with slaves. [[James T. Callender]], a muckraking political journalist and former supporter of Jefferson, published a claim in the Richmond ''R
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