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  • # '''''Ayodhya Kanda''''' – Book of Ayodhya in which Dasharatha comes to grief over his promise to [[Kaikeyi]] and the start of Rama's exile. ...kingdom in which Rama befriends Sugriva and the Vanara army and begins the search for Sita.
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  • ... rice are now wrapped in reed leaves instead of silk. The act of racing to search for his body in boats gradually became the cultural tradition of [[dragon b ...ohn Thompson [ Falling into Grief].Silkqin Retrieved October 14, 2007.</ref> The preface to ''Li Sao'' in ''S
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  • ...lf theory of communication through the photographic medium and half act of grief to his mother’s memory. Roland Barthes would die less than three years af, thinking it might be a fruitless attempt, and drove him deeper in his search for [[individualism|individualistic]] meaning in art.
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  • ...nd doesn't know who his true parents are. Undaunted, Oedipus continues his search. When a messenger arrives from Corinth with the news that Polybus is dead, Oedipus goes in search of Jocasta and finds she has killed herself. Taking brooches from her gown,
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  • ...inued to attend church services, to study the Bible, and to persist in his search for answers about God, the world, and the purpose of human life. ...han race to the South along with the streams of refugees, he spent 40 days searching for and gathering each one who had responded to him as a disciple. With
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  • ...ll the Chinese students, had just turned 16.<ref>Jonathan D. Spence, ''The Search for Modern China'' (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1999, ISBN 0393307808) ...els. After the funeral, Deng was cremated, his organs donated to medical research, and his ashes scattered at sea, according to his wishes. For the next two
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  • ...oams the mountains and forest weeping, lacerating his forearms and back in grief. ...m prostrate on the earth. Like [[El]], she lacerates her body as a sign of grief for Baal. Assisted by the sun goddess [[Shapash]], she carries him on her s
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  • ...ellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, best known as the author of ''In Search of Lost Time'' (''À la recherche du temps perdu,'' also translated previou ...responds with the consolidation of the French Third Republic. Much of ''In Search of Lost Time'' concerns the vast changes, most particularly the decline of
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  • ...truth in an abstract and formal way, now turned to practical philosophy in search of wisdom and understanding. His work on ethics, ''The Philosophy of Loyalt ... a separate being, human suffering and grief was God’s own suffering and grief. All the events of life, joyful and sorrowful, were both the experiences of
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  • have chosen his mates from among the Hebrews. Esau's wives were thus "a grief of mind unto Isaac and to Rebekah" (Gen 26:35). ...e flattery (Targ. Pseudo-Jon.). Isaac's blindness was caused either by his grief because of the [[idolatry]] of Esau's wives (Tan., Toledot) or from trying
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  • ...eir friends, the friends' role as intermediary, the meeting of the lovers, grief and doubt, and other similar themes. ...ility<br /> (husband accused of visiting a courtesan) || Heroine expresses grief<br /> over separation || Elopment, Longest separation,<br /> dangerous jour
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  • ...iated and harried, so that fatigue, hunger, and thirst were added to their grief at the death of Husayn and his men. Yazid believed that by doing so, he cou ...ayn's daughter, Sakina bint Husayn, is believed to have passed away due to grief and sorrow. The people of Damascus began to frequent the prison, and Zaynab
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  • ...ythological texts.<ref>H. Hoffman, "Helios" in ''Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt'' 2, (1963):117-123; cf. Yalouris, no. 42.</ref> ...e daughter of Chryses, a priest of Apollo) and refused to release her. The grief-stricken priest prayed to his patron, who responded by launching volley upo
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  • ...cant finds. His work inspired other trained archaeologists to continue the search for people and places recorded only in [[myth]] and [[legend]], and brought ...hliemann's preoccupation (as he saw it) with graves and the dead reflected grief over the loss of his mother, for which he blamed his father, and his effort
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  • immediate faith experience, is largely a mythical construct of naïve research. By its very nature, the human mind includes an element of reflection, no m ...s belief. From the times of the [[pre-Socratics]], Greek philosophers have searched for the ultimate origin of things in ways clearly distinct from polytheis
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  • ... I am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and my body with grief." The soul and body are noted as separate. Psalm 63:1 "O God, you are my Go ...for the soul."<ref>Francis Crick, ''Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul'' (Scribner, 1995).</ref> Crick holds the position that one ca
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  • ...even miles northeast of Pella, Iowa.<ref>Gary L. Roberts, "Wyatt Earp: The Search for Order on the Last Frontier," in ''With Bullets & Badges: Lawmen & Outla ...t [[Fort Bridger]] to hunt [[Bison|buffalo]] with [[Jim Bridger]]. Later researchers have suggested that Lake's account of Earp's early life is embellished,
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  • ...ight over the realization of the purpose of creation (or even about God's "grief" over the frustration of that purpose as in [[Book of Genesis|Genesis]] 6:5 * [ Genesis 2:4-25], The Creation of Man and Woman. English
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  • In 1935 Ayer was elected to a five-year research fellowship at Christ Church. That was also the year he finished writing ''L ...f-stricken. This led to his remarrying Dee Wells, who comforted him in his grief and his old age.
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  • ... this attachment would eventually yield agitation ''(paritassati),'' loss, grief, stress, or suffering. Therefore, to be free of suffering required the wisd ...ience, can be analyzed as bodily pleasure, bodily pain, mental joy, mental grief, equanimity.</td>
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