Definition: Information

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(Short form: info)

  1. A collection of related data.
  2. Knowledge about a topic.
  3. Data that have been processed into a format that is understandable by its intended audience.
  4. A service provided by telephone which provides listed telephone numbers of a subscriber: see 411.
  5. answer to a question, minimal part of information is bit (2), which is answer yes or no.
  6. (countable, Template loop detected: Template:Context 1) A sworn statement by an authorized official filed in court briefly describing the nature of each charge against a suspect, tantamount to an indictment but without the involvement of a grand jury.

Derived terms

  • informatics
  • informationism
  • informationist
  • information retrieval
  • information science
  • information society
  • information superhighway
  • information theory

Related terms

  • inform
  • informant


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