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First attested in 1727. From French glyphe, from Ancient Greek γλυφή or gluphḗ (carving), from γλύφω or glúphō (I carve, engrave).


glyph (plural glyphs)

  1. A figure carved in relief or incised, especially representing a sound, word, or idea.
    1. Any of various figures used in Mayan writing.
  2. Any non-verbal symbol that imparts information.
  3. (typography, computing) A visual representation of a letter, character, or symbol, in a specific font and style.
  4. (architecture) A vertical groove.
  5. A land snail of the genus Glyphyalinia
  6. Any of various black-and-white noctuid moths with figural-like wing patterns, such as those in Protodeltote, Deltote, and Maliattha.

Derived terms

  • dendroglyph
  • geoglyph
  • homoglyph

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