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  • ...orn in Lebrija, [[Seville]] who made the discovery of the river during his search for a passage between the [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlantic]] and the [[Pacific Oce staples in the region today. The Gran Chaco of western Paraguay and the Pampas of [[Argentina]] was home to the nomadic Lengua and Abipón.
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  • ...ll others have advanced the hypothesis that it is related to [[Arawak]]. Research has found many similarities between Mapuche and Polynesian cultures, includ from agriculture, but a growing majority have migrated to cities in search of better economic opportunities. Chile's [[Araucanía|region IX]] continue
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  • ...ef>John M. Fritz and George Michell (eds.), ''New Light on Hampi, Recent Research in Vijayanagara, MARG'' (2001), p. 5.</ref> Vijayanagara's core, an area of ... the name Anjaneya.<ref>John McKim Malville, "New Light on Hampi, Recent Research in Vijayanagara," edited by John M. Fritz and George Michell (MARG, 2001),
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  • **** Pampas Cat ''(Leopardus pajeros)'' Genetic research gives a more concise classification for the cat family (Johnson et al. 2006
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  • *** Pampas Fox, ''Pseudalopex gymnocercus'' ...ecies Survival Commission (IUCN). 2007. [
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  • ...Breitenmoser, C. Breitenmoser, and P. Jackson, [ ''Panthera onca''], ''2006 IUCN Red List of Threatene ... births may increase when prey is plentiful (Spindler and Johnson n.d.). Research on captive male jaguars supports the year-round mating hypothesis, with no
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  • ...ear whether this applies to the species in general, but, for example, in [[pampas]] habitat, beetle consumption is probably lower simply due to availability ...ea, "a very rare bird which they called the Avestruz Petise." He continued searching fruitlessly for this bird.
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  • ...herapy]] of acute and chronic Chagas' disease is being tested by several research groups.<ref>E. Dumonteil, J. Escobedo-Ortegon, N. Reyes-Rodriguez, A. Arjon ...f the [[Amazon River|Amazon]] region, this may occur, when the insects are searching for new prey.<ref>A. R. Teixeira, P. S. Monteiro, J. M. Rebelo, et al.,
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  • |[[Working animal|pack animal]], draught, hunting, herding, searching/gathering, watching/guarding, [[meat]] ...nge]] in the [[Western United States]] and [[Canada]], as well as on the [[Pampas]] of [[Argentina]] and other [[prairie]] and [[steppe]] regions of the [[wo
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  • ... to 18 months. Young males will form bachelor groups and the young females search for a sorority to join. Along with preventing intraspecific competition, th
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