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  • ...e composers initiated the practice of expressing specific emotions through musical means. ... music forms a major portion of the classical music canon. It is widely performed, studied and listened to. It is associated with composers and their works
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  • ...ounds as musical. Moreover, as music is intuitive, people can virtually perform and even hear music in their [[mind]]. ...f responses can encompass the full range of human emotions. This makes the musical arts a universal expression of human experience.
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  • ...o a change in key, it at call refer to changes in tempo, timbre, and other musical parameters. ...nd any diminished seventh chord can be respelled in multiple other ways to form other diminished seventh chords. By combining the diminished seventh with a
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  • ...a traditional piece entitled ''[[Adeste Fideles]]'', in standard two-stave format for mixed voices.]] ... an audio presentation from a sound recording, [[broadcast]], or [[live performance]], or [[video]].
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  • ...pel music has reached the world level today: Here the Oslo Gospel Choir performs.]] ...usic varies according to culture and social context. It is composed and performed for many purposes, ranging from [[aesthetics|aesthetic]] pleasure, religi
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  • ... parts, began to diverge the two traditions began to diverge from a common musical root around the thirteenth century, with the establishment of the Islamic D Indian classical music has one of the most complex and complete musical systems. Like [[Western classical music]], it divides the [[octave]] into 1
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  • ...wentieth century. Although in many ways neoclassical music returned to the forms and emotional restraint of eighteenth century music, works by these compos ...ple into the trenches. Since economics also favored smaller ensembles, the search for doing "more with less" took on a practical imperative as well.
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  • ...The Kooks 2007.jpg|thumb|250px|[[The Kooks]], a British Indie Rock band perform several songs in the CD101 studios on May 8, 2007 in Columbus, [[Ohio]] for ...ical terms because it not only refers to label affiliation and possibly to musical style; it is attached to a system of ethics and values, like those derivati
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  • ... there was a growing desire for composers to use emerging technologies for musical purposes. Several instruments were created that employed electromechanical ...ounds that were produced entirely by electronic devices not designed for a musical purpose. The first pieces of ''musique concrète'' were written by [[Pierre
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  • ...3 million people to performances by its four internationally renowned [[performing arts]] companies: Los Angeles Philharmonic, Center Theatre Group (CTG), The Music Center's current mission is to go beyond its role as a musical venue and serve as a bridge between [[culture]]s. As such, the Music Center
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  • ...ts leading practitioners were among the most famous early rock and roll performers. and roll to such a degree that virtually died out as a distinct musical form. In recent years, various rockabilly revival groups have brought a renewed
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  •' in the Rain (film)|Singin' in the Rain]],'' he dominated the Hollywood musical film from the mid 1940s until its demise in the late 1950s. In 1999, the [[ ...loped the family's dance school business, he moved to [[New York City]] in search of work as a choreographer.<ref name="Thomas"/>
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  • ...ka and rocksteady, distinctly different from reggae, are precursors of the form. It is thought that the word ''reggae'' was first used by the ska band ''To ...blues music becoming the new favorite, Jamaica was undergoing a major transformation from a rural economy to a nation looking for its own piece of postwar
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  • ...line]], [[salvia divinorum]], and especially [[LSD]]. There are also other forms of psychedelic music that started from the same roots and diverged from th ...onary note, this article does not recommend drug use in any way, shape, or form. On the contrary, many users in the Rock music world suffered greatly and e
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  • ...ime except for the genre of [[opera]], and expanded musical composition in format, quality, and technical exactness through elevated harmonizations, [[fugu, "a gift from God, not a human gift." Luther's concept of music being a form of praise to the Almighty, "a sermon in sound," could be Bach's personal cr
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  • ...of a number of peoples in [[Europe]] using the [[Celtic languages]], which form a branch of the [[Indo-European languages]]. It can refer in a wider sense Later research indicated that the culture had developed gradually and continuously. In Ire
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  • ...ental performance, and also established [[opera]] as a musical genre. Many musical terms and concepts from this era are still in use today. ...]] that is not round but of unpredictable and elaborate shape. Hence, in informal usage, the word ''baroque'' can simply mean that something is "elaborate,
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  • ...ire extended over a vast region from northern Ecuador to central Chile. In search of Inca wealth, the Spanish explorer [[Francisco Pizarro]], who arrived in ...e south, with more agriculturally productive lands along the major valleys formed by the western-draining Andean rivers. The central [[Andes]] run as the b
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  • |sovereignty_type = [[History of Italy|Formation]] ...g north-west to where they join the [[Alps]], the mountain range that then forms an arc enclosing Italy from the north.
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  • ...inidadians or Tobagonians, the people from Trinidad and Tobago are often informally referred to as ''Trinidadian'' or ''Trinis.'' Unlike most of the [[Engl ... of the Main Ridge. The southwestern tip of the island has a [[coral]] platform. Although Tobago is volcanic in origin, there are no active [[volcano]]es.
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