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  • ...Particularly noted for her equestrian statues she was active over a period of 70 years. ...luminum]] statues in Brookgreen Gardens, guarantee her place in the annals of art history.
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  • ...arc miniature graded.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Medieval depiction of [[Joan of Arc]].]] ...or is debated. As increasing numbers of countries begin to expand the role of women in their militaries, the debate continues.
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  • ...[[Andrei Tarkovsky]], Jim Jarmusch, the members of the French [[New Wave]] of the early 1960s, and director, writer, and critic [[Paul Schrader]], whose ...ale popular favorites, although there is a dedicated and enthusiastic core of Bresson fans.
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  • ...ight), and laboratories "those who work" (workman: peasant, worker, member of the lower middle class); book illustration France XIII century.]] ...e|fall of the Western Roman Empire]] in the fifth century to the beginning of the [[Renaissance]] in the fifteenth century.
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  • ...ingly sincere, are among the most entertaining, enduring, and moving works of high drama ever produced in the English language. ... like many modern intellectuals, he criticized human hypocrisy in the area of religion but failed to see the potential for hypocrisy and corruption in so
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  • ...artha Graham would take this art form to a new level with her introduction of dance techniques that at first horrified and then later won over the Americ ... American public's view towards dance, was that "dancing is an affirmation of life through movement." Her bold and transformative work cannot be limited
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  • the [[Hyksos]] period, where she was sometimes referred to as the Queen of Heaven. ...en [[Athena]]. Anat may also be seen as an example of the Warrior Maiden [[archetype]], which has inspired numerous figures in mythology, literature and h
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  • ...ugh her salon and her many literary friendships, can be seen in the number of writers who have addressed or portrayed her in their works. In her writings ...'. She was one of the early pioneers of the modernist embrace of a culture of [[individualism]].
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  • {{Elementbox_atomicmass_gpm | 200.59[[List of elements by atomic mass|(2)]] }} {{Elementbox_speedofsound_mps | (liquid, 20 °C) 1451.4 }}
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