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  • centered on [[document]]s and included the notions of [[hyperlink]]s, [[search engine]]s, remote access, and [[social network]]s. (Obviously these notions ... even warned if their query was likely to produce more than 50 results per search.<ref name=day/>
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  • Many researchers believe that skin darkening was an adaptation that evolved as a protecti The recognition of different races, along with preferences toward particular groups, or exp
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  • Attention is viewed as the [[cognition|cognitive]] process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the envir ...gaged, or focused onto the new location (Eysenck & Keane, 2005). Current research, regarding neural correlates of these physical shifts of attention, specifi
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  • ...itive psychology]] to behavior therapy. Further developments may include research from cultural, spiritual, neurological, and biological sciences. ...ual's [[thought]]s, but many argue that the therapy can be improved with [[cognition|cognitive]] components. The concept of punishment has had many critics, but
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  • this mainstream view, a small group of neuroscientists has persisted in searching for evidence suggesting the possibility of a human mind existing and ope ... study]] of [[Mental function|mental processes]] such as [[perception]], [[cognition]], [[emotion]], and [[Personality psychology|personality]], as well as envi
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  • ...ocial studies]], and [[moral psychology|moral development]]. Much of the research in this field is designed to address the desire of teachers to improve thei In a century of research since James, psychologists have offered a variety of applications of their
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  • ...lar of Kabbalah and spread its teachings during this era. As part of that "search for meaning" in their lives, Kabbala received its biggest boost in the Jewi ... the idea of hereditary Hasidic dynasties and taught that each Hasid must "search for the ''tzaddik'' ('saintly/righteous person')" for himself&mdash;and wit
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  • '''Social psychology''' is a branch of [[psychology]] that studies [[cognition|cognitive]], [[affect]]ive, and [[behavior]]al processes of individuals as always maintained the legacy of their interests in [[perception]] and [[cognition]]. [[Attitude]]s and a variety of small group phenomena were the most commo
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  • While research on [[learning]] in [[animal]]s has been used by some [[psychologist]]s as e ... developmentalists]], such as [[Jean Piaget]] and [[Lev Vygotsky]], have researched the way children form their own concepts through experience, assimilate e
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  • ...olars our understanding of intelligence is still limited. Perhaps, since researchers use only their own human intellect to discover the secrets of human inte ...Mainstream Science on Intelligence," which was signed by 52 intelligence researchers in 1994:
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  • ...ents to the mechanical elements of stimulus and response, he caused many researchers of the Hullian orientation to pause and modify their views. Tolman’s l ...enerally credited with the introduction of the term "cognitive map." Here, cognition can be used to refer to the mental models, or belief systems, that people u
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  • ...existing outside of earth, many scientists remain hopeful and continue the search. Given that the existence of life beyond earth has ramifications of the gre ...acity of the couple, their desire to keep the incident a secret, and the recognition of their [[psychologist]] that something traumatic had happened to them all
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  • Tversky received many awards and honors for his ground-breaking research. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1980 and as and Kahneman 1974). This publication triggered a "cascade of related research," as ''Science News'' wrote in a 1994 article on [[reasoning]], their work
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  • ...ember 1, 1986.</ref> has nonetheless produced some interesting results. "Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have found that fleeting images of ...w York: Viking, 1998.</ref> <ref>Kihlstrom, J.F. Psychodynamics and social cognition: Notes on the fusion of psychoanalysis and psychology. ''Journal of Persona
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  • Generally, music is known through the cognition of specific arrangements of sounds and the emotional reaction that it engen The field of music cognition involves the study of many aspects of music including how it is processed b
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  • immediate faith experience, is largely a mythical construct of naïve research. By its very nature, the human mind includes an element of reflection, no m ...s belief. From the times of the [[pre-Socratics]], Greek philosophers have searched for the ultimate origin of things in ways clearly distinct from polytheis
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  • ...her order; and is human consciousness a [[spirit]]ual function, not just [[cognition|cognitive]]? The answers to these questions are the avenue to greater under ...using ''conscientia'' the way modern speakers would use "conscience." In ''Search after Truth'' (1701) he says "conscience or internal testimony" (''conscien
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  • ...ter Brown Library]] was opened as an independent historical and cultural research center based around the libraries of [[John Carter Brown]] and [[John Nicho ...] and Nicholas Brown Jr. were fervent [[abolitionism|abolitionists]]. In recognition of this history, the University established the University Steering Committ
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  • Some psychologists take a biological view of personality and research [[temperament]]s in children and heritability in adult twins, hoping is to ...sses for research, personnel selection and the like. Although subsequent research has failed to replicate his results, and it has been shown that he retained
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  • ...smaller and smaller; the elderly no longer have the opportunity to roam in search of more appropriate food and will, consequently, die of starvation at an ea ... is less water available, and local herds will often come too close in the search to use these limited resources.
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