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  • every lion; this unique pattern, known as "whisker spots," is used by researchers to identify specific animals in the field.<ref name=Honolulu>Honolulu Zo ...rengeti Lion: A Study of Predator-Prey Relations'' (Chicago: University of Chicago Press). ISBN 0226736393.</ref>
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  • ...s many as 50,000 people may have viewed Till's body at the funeral home in Chicago and many thousands more were exposed to the evidence of his maliciously unj ...rke, Bernice Robinson, and Esau Jenkins, with the help of the Highlander Research and Education Center began the first Citizenship Schools on South Carolina'
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  • ... direction of David Wills, a wealthy 32-year-old attorney, Pennsylvania purchased 17&nbsp;acres (69,000&nbsp;m&#xB2;) for a cemetery to honor those lost in ...y of State [[William H. Seward]] and Secretary of the Treasury [[Salmon P. Chase]] with the assembled dignitaries, townspeople, and widows marching out to t
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  • ... and can therefore be credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory. Edison was a talented inventor whose creativity improved the qu Edison's major innovation was the Menlo Park research lab, which was built in New Jersey. It was the first institution set up wit
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  • In search of adventure, the young Melville left his native Massachusetts and joined a ...King James I|King James]]. Through the allegory of the sea, his subtle and searching mind probed the great and most enduring questions of life.
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