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Unification Aspects: Urban V was Pope towards the end of the Babylonian captivity. He was not involved in the politics at the papal court, where ambitious men vied for power. He was an outsider when elected. A professor and an Abbot, he had distinguished himself as a papal diplomat and was elected as a compromise candidate. His simple Benedictine life-style contrasted sharply with the luxury of the papal court. He wanted to move the papacy back to Rome, and briefly relocated there. He did much to restore spiritual integrity to an office that had too often compromised itself with a preference for worldly wealth and secular power. He also tried to re-unify Eastern and Western Christianity. History, according to the Divine Principle, is "woven of the lives of people who are inclined towards both good and evil" (Exposition, 8). Urban V appears to have been more inclined towards the good. He was Pope when the papacy was still being punished for having compromised its spiritual authority by choosing a secular, worldly path, so it had been "deprived of power and dignity" (339) and was existing as a puppet of the French kings (324). Eventually, after the reign of such men as Urban V, the papacy would regain through indemnity its authority as it successfully reformed itself (325).
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