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From Old French géométrie, from Latin geōmetria, from Ancient Greek γεωμετρία or geōmetría (geometry, land-survey), from γεωμέτρης or geōmétrēs (land measurer), from γῆ or (earth, land, country) + -μετρία or -metría (measurement), from μέτρον or métron (a measure).


geometry (countable and uncountable, plural geometries)

  1. (mathematics) The branch of mathematics dealing with spatial relationships.
    I learned about squares and other polygons in geometry class.
  2. (mathematics, often qualified in combination) A mathematical system that deals with spatial relationships and that is built on a particular set of axioms; a subbranch of geometry which deals with such a system or systems.
    After reading various popular mathematics books, I became interested in four-dimensional geometry and other theoretical subjects.
  3. (countable) The observed or specified spatial attributes of an object, etc.
  4. (algebraic geometry) A mathematical object comprising representations of a space and of its spatial relationships.

Derived terms

  • algebraic geometry
  • anabelian geometry
  • analytical geometry
  • arithmetic geometry
  • combinatorial geometry
  • complex geometry
  • computational geometry
  • conformal geometry
  • contact geometry
  • descriptive geometry
  • differential geometry
  • elementary geometry
  • elliptic geometry
  • Euclidean geometry
  • finite geometry
  • fractal geometry
  • hyperbolic geometry
  • hypergeometry
  • imaginary geometry
  • Kerr geometry
  • Klein geometry
  • plane geometry
  • spherical geometry
  • variable geometry

Related terms

  • geometer
  • geometric
  • geometrical


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