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From Middle English emperour, borrowed from Anglo-Norman emperour and Old French empereor (Modern French empereur), from Latin imperātor (emperor, commander), from imperāre (to command).


emperor (plural emperors)

  1. The male monarch or ruler of an empire.
    In imperial China, it was often a responsibility of the emperor to evaluate his predecessor after the latter's death.
  2. Any monarch ruling an empire, irrespective of gender, with "empress" contrasting to mean the consort of an emperor.
  3. The ruler of the Holy Roman Empire; the world-monarch.
    The Investiture Controversy was a conflict between the Emperor and the Pope.
  4. (tarot) The fourth trump or major arcana card of the tarot deck.
  5. A large, relatively valuable marble in children's games.
  6. Any fish of the family Lethrinidae.
  7. (entomology) Any of various butterflies of the subfamily Charaxinae.
  8. (entomology) Any of various large dragonflies of the cosmopolitan genus Anax.
  9. An emperor penguin.

Usage notes

  • The only monarch presently styled "emperor" is the Emperor of Japan (天皇 tennō). The British monarch ceased to be styled Emperor of India in 1948.
  • An emperor is generally addressed as "His Imperial Majesty."

Derived terms

  • Australian emperor
  • emperor fairywren
  • emperor goose
  • emperor moth
  • emperor penguin
  • emperor rat
  • emperorship
  • emperor tamarin

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