Definition: Insurance

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From the older form ensurance.


insurance (usually uncountable, plural insurances)

  1. A means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event.
    The car was totaled, but fortunately I had insurance.
  2. The business of providing insurance.
    After five years in banking, I switched to insurance.
  3. Any attempt to prevent or delay an unfavorable event.
    The sky was clear, but I took my umbrella for insurance.
  4. In the game of blackjack, a bet made after the deal, which pays off if the dealer has blackjack.
    I only take insurance if the count is right.
  5. (countable) An insurance policy.

Derived terms

  • bond insurance
  • car insurance
  • dental insurance
  • fire insurance
  • flood insurance
  • health insurance
  • insurance agency
  • life insurance


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