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Purpose Replaces default MediaWiki search with Sphinx
Author Svemir Brkic and Paul Grinberg
Version 0.7
Extension files
Extension page at MediaWiki.org

Files hosted at at SourceForge


This site uses Sphinx full-text search engine as a replacement for standard MediaWiki search. Our initial code was based on SphinxSearch extension by Paul Grinberg and changes we made were later merged with the official version.


See official extension page for detailed installation instructions for both Sphinx and the extension itself. If you already tried to install LuceneSearch and found it too complicated, you will probably be pleasantly surprised by Sphinx.


We are still working to improve this extension to make it use more of the Sphinx capabilities and to make it better in the wiki context. We will be adding more options, better title matching, and image thumbnails in search results.


This wiki uses a separate system for public feedback. Click the feedback tab and register (it is an integrated Wordpress blog.) You may also send an email directly to svemir at thirdblessing dot net. Best way to communicate regarding this extension is the extension talk page at MediaWiki.org.