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  • ...nual average number of tornadoes"> [ NOAA National Climatic Data Center]. Retrieved N ...ce|Declaration of Independence]]. [[Thomas Heyward, Jr.]], [[Thomas Lynch, Jr.]], [[Arthur Middleton]], and [[Edward Rutledge]] were the signers from Sou
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  • ...elay|speech difficulties]], he was a top student in elementary school.<ref>Thomas Sowell, ''The Einstein Syndrome: Bright Children Who Talk Late.'' (New York ...uation, Einstein could not find a teaching post. After almost two years of searching, a former classmate's father helped him get a job in [[Bern]], at the Fe
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  • ...ined four half-siblings: Sarah Louisa Samuel (sometimes Sarah Ellen), John Thomas Samuel, Fannie Quantrill Samuel, and Archie Peyton Samuel. Sarah later marr ...Missouri. Sometime between 1862 and 1863, Frank met [[Cole Younger|"Cole" (Thomas Coleman) Younger]].
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  • ...d help him after the war was Lieutenant James M. Pendergast, the nephew of Thomas Joseph (T.J.) Pendergast, a Kansas City politician. ...elt-Truman team went on to score a victory in 1944 by defeating Governor [[Thomas E. Dewey]] of [[New York]]. He was sworn in as Vice President on January 20
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  • | succeeded=Clarence Thomas ...on]] for all people. He lived during the time of [[Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]] and [[Malcolm X]] and fought equally with them, though less attention is
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  • ...his gallantry during the siege of Yorktown as was Sergeant Daniel Bissell, Jr., who posed as a deserter and acted as a spy among the British troops in Ne [[Image:Jessica Lynch gets a medal.jpg|200px|thumb|Army PFC [[Jessica Lynch]] receiving the Purple Heart in 2003.]]
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  • ...mation is named THOMAS, in honor of Jefferson.<ref>[ Thomas], ''Library of Congress''. Retrieved July 4, 2008.</ref> The '''Folger Shakespeare Library''' is an independent research [[library]] on [[Capitol Hill, Washington, DC|Capitol Hill]] in [[Washingto
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  • An unacknowledged use of words, ideas, information, research, or findings not one's own, taken from any source is plagiarism only if a p Intentional plagiarism where an entire essay or research paper is copied from another source is blamed on a combination of [[stress]
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  • ...s Sharon, Rhonda Paisley, and Cherith; and twin sons, Kyle and Ian Paisley Jr. Three of their children followed their father into [[politics]] or [[relig ... been undergoing tests for an undisclosed illness and in 2005 Ian Paisley, Jr. confirmed that his father had been gravely ill. It was announced in 2006 t
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  • ... of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at their compound on Mount Carmel, a property located nine miles (1 Alleging that the Davidians had violated federal law, the ATF obtained search and arrest warrants for Koresh and specific followers on weapons charges du
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  • ...ts of the universe to him. As the dream recurred, the pile of magazines he searched grew smaller and smaller, but he never reached the bottom. Eventually, he ...began to live a double life, one as himself, "Philip K. Dick," and one as "Thomas," a [[Christianity|Christian]] persecuted by Romans in the first century C.
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