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  • ... of time around the sixth century.<ref name="abahatta">[ Abahattha] in {{Harvnb|Asiatic Society of Bangladesh|2 The [[phoneme|phonemic]] inventory of Bengali consists of 29 consonants and 14 vowels, in
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  • ...Europe]]an and [[Asia]]n languages. In this book he famously defined the [[phoneme]] as the smallest distinctive unit within the structure of a given language ...gnal differences in word-meaning), as members of phonemic oppositions. The phoneme was his smallest phonological unit, as "oppositions" existed only within a
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  • ...and books on ancient [[literature]] and [[Chinese poetry|poetry]], and [[research]]. Traditional Chinese remains ubiquitous on buildings predating [[communis and simplified Chinese often have the same input speed, especially with phoneme-based IMEs. Even when writing by hand, a majority of people resort to [[sem
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  • ... more complex mental structures. In this part of the nineteenth century, researchers were making great advances in [[chemistry]] and [[physics]] by analyzing ...guistics such as [[Roman Jakobson]] and [[Nikolai Trubetzkoy]] conducted research that would be greatly influential.
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  • ...nguage and the importance of its social function were key aspects of its research program. They developed methods of [[semiotic literary criticism|structural ...Europe]]an and [[Asia]]n languages. In this book he famously defined the [[phoneme]] as the smallest distinctive unit within the structure of a given language
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  • ...sage. Most on-line dictionaries are now interactive, with such features as search engines, helpful notes, and programs that help users to cite the dictionary
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  • ...onventions were also involved, and that there were faults in the idea that phonemes had individual meanings.<ref>Plato, ''Cratylus''(c. 360 B.C.E.) Series: Ca ... how semantic facts arise.<ref name="Stainton" /> One fruitful source of research involves investigation into the social conditions that give rise to, or are
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  • ...ion--aphasic language--which enables us to throw light on the selection of phonemes, the distinctive features, and their mutual relations, and to get closer t "more than the sum of its parts." Structuralists engage in a systematic search for "deep structures" underlying the surface features of the system.
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  • ===Spiritual research=== ...''The Essential Steiner.'' ISBN 0060653450), 3-11</ref> Anthroposophical research seeks to attain in its investigations of the spiritual world the precision
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  • ...f that language shapes [[perception]] and influences behavior led him to research the nature of an international auxiliary language. In order to function as ... they become lost forever. Boas arranged Sapir's employment in 1907-1908 researching the nearly extinct [[Yahi|Yana]] language of northern California.
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  • Standard Swahili has five vowel phonemes: {{IPA|/ɑ/}}, {{IPA|/ɛ/}}, {{IPA|/i/}}, {{IPA|/ɔ/}}, and {{IPA|/u/}}. T ...frican Studies, [ The Heterogeneity of Swahili Literature.]
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  • ...48,'' editor A.J.O. Anderson (ed.) (Santa Fe, NM: The School of American Research and the Museum of New Mexico. 1950), 94.</ref> ...han 2,000 miles (over 3,200 km) along the coastlines of Central America in search of evidence for German bases.<ref>David H. Price, "Cloak and Trowel." ''Arc
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  • ... painting or picture.<ref>, [ -graphy] '' Unabridged (v 1.1)'', Random House, Inc ...from some 1,500 signs to some 600 signs, and writing became increasingly [[phoneme|phonological]]. Determinative signs were re-introduced to avoid ambiguity.<
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  • ...ards. His critical use of sources, inclusion of documents, and laborious research made his [[History of the Peloponnesian War]] a significant influence on la ...Argonautica," about [[Jason and the Argonauts|Jason and his shipmates]] in search of the golden fleece. Apollonius studied under Callimachus, with whom he la
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