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  • ... forbidding Jewish religious practice, a rural Jewish [[priest]] from [[Modiin]], [[Mattathias]] the [[Hasmonean]], sparked the revolt against the Seleuc make a league of amity and confederacy with the Romans.'"<ref>I Macc. viii. 7., in Norman Bentwich, ''Josephus'' (Philidelphia: The Jewish Publication
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  • ... according to the Hebrew Bible. When the [[Hasmonean]] Jewish ruler [[John Hyrcanus I]] conquered Idumea in 130-140 <small>B.C.E.</small>, he required all Idum ...C.E.</small> Antipater was appointed chief minister of Judea by [[Hyrcanus II]], who ruled with Roman support. Antipater in turn appointed Herod governor
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  • ... which had been defiled under the [[Antiochus IV]]. Judah's nephew, [[John Hyrcanus]], established the Hasmonean dynasty, in which the priests held direct poli ...andra installed as high priest her eldest son, the pro-Pharisee [[Hyrcanus II]], and the [[Sanhedrin]], or ruling council, was reorganized along lines th
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  • Although her son [[Aristobulus II]] reversed her policy and ultimately lost control of the kingdom to the Rom ...lus I]], was the eldest of the five sons of the [[Hasmonean]] ruler [[John Hyrcanus]]. He was the first of the Hasmonean princes to call himself "king."
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  • ...xandra]], whom Jannaeus soon married. Continuing the success of his father Hyrcanus, Jannaeus substantially expanded Judea's territory. However, his sympathy w ...s father, Aristobulus was a ruthless and effective warrior, who had helped Hyrcanus extend Israel's territory farther north than since the time of [[Solomon]].
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  • ...eath. <ref>[ Antiochus IV]. ''''. Retrieved Aug *198 B.C.E.: Armies of the Selucid King [[Antiochus III]] (Antiochus the Great) oust [[Ptolemy V Epiphanes|Ptolemy V]] from Judea a
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  • ... the city successfully endured two sieges by the Syrians under [[Ben-hadad II]]. At Samaria's famous gate, Ahab met his ally and son-in-law, [[Jehoshapha ... in these captives being released (2 Chron. 27: 8-9, 15). Under [[Jeroboam II]], Samaria was famous both for its prosperity and its corruption.
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  • ...a). In reputation he was on equal footing with the great Rabban [[Gamaliel II]], whom he met later. Akiva probably remained in Lydda ([[R. H.]] i. 6) as ...iva spent 12 years away from her, pursuing his studies under [[Eliezer ben Hyrcanus]] and [[Joshua ben Hananiah]] at her expense. Returning at the end of that
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  • ...prior to [[John Hyrcanus]] (ib. xiii. 8, § 6) or the Maccabean war (ib. xiii. 5, § 9). Josephus also implies that there was a "political" Sanhedrin of *[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Sadducees]
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  • ...ious law allowing Jews to use property stolen from Gentiles. [[Eliezer ben Hyrcanus]], however, held that the mind of every non-Jew is always intent upon [[ido *[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Gentile]
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