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  • | Notable_instruments = ...Musicares]] honored Taylor with performances of his songs by an array of notable musicians. In the fall of that year, Taylor released a repackaged version o
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  • [[Image:Sedertable.jpg|250px|thumb|A Passover table setting]] ...word for "order," referring to the very specific order of the ritual). The table is set with the finest china and silverware to reflect the importance of th
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  • ...Taiwan remains a contentious issue and its resolution is needed to ensure stable, peaceful relationships among East Asian nations and for the world as a who ...ia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.<ref>Jared M. Diamond, ['s_gift_to_the_world Taiwan
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  • | industry = [[Internet search]] | products = [[Search engine]]
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  • ...mensionless quantities as '''[[fundamental physical constant]]s'''. Yet, researchers may use the phrase "fundamental physical constant" in other ways as well ...n metric (or any other) units were different when we looked them up in our tables of physical constants, but the value of α remained the same, this new wor
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  • ...edicted]] by [[Dmitri Mendeleev]]. Mendeleev noted a gap in his [[periodic table]] and called the element ''ekamanganese.'' In 1937 its isotope <sup>97</sup ...heir spectrum indicating the presence of this element.<ref>''LANL Periodic Table'', "Technetium" paragraph 1</ref>
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  • ...ed wind-slabs are usually more difficult to spot and also tend to be less stable than top-loaded wind-slabs, and are therefore much more dangerous. ...e the disturbance to the slope. Members should be aware of their duties to search.
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  • ...he Ark derived its significance and prominence from its content, the stone tablets, which symbolized God's covenant with Moses. According to Biblical tradit ...binic tradition states that [[Moses]] also put the fragments of the broken tablets of the Law into the Ark (Hertz 1936).
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  • ...nship between self-actualization and self-transcendence clearly in ''Man's Search for Meaning''. He wrote: ...tion]], it had its detractors. For example, in their extensive review of research that is dependent on Maslow's theory, Wabha and Bridwell (1976) found littl
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  • ...gospel" from that preached by Paul. ([;&version=31; 1:6&ndash;9]) The Galatians were receptive t ...1:11-19;&version=31; 1:11&ndash;19]; [;&version=31; 2:1&ndash;14]) He insists that his words ar
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  • ...ember 1972 that led the North and its allies to return to the negotiations table in Paris in January 1973. ...ated figure in South Vietnam, and one whose continued influence was unacceptable to all members of the Kennedy administration. Eventually, the U.S. State De
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  • ...13 confirmed moons. Neptune's largest moon, [[Triton (moon)|Triton]], is notable for its [[retrograde orbit]], extreme cold (38 [[kelvin|K]]), and extremely Discovered on September 23, 1846, Neptune is notable for being the first planet discovered based on mathematical prediction rath
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  • <!--See the Table at Infobox Settlement for all fields and descriptions of usage--> ...:// -->
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  • ... generally felt that those around a mettā-ful person will feel more comfortable and happy too. Radiating mettā is thought to contribute to a world of love :Searching all directions
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  • ...manity and a test of humanity's commitment to create a more just, more equitable world. ...e of crops suited to tropical Africa, including [[cassava]] and [[yam (vegetable)|yams]]. This [[farming]] culture is able to support more persons per unit
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  • indicate the possibility that some of the results may not be attributable to chance, skeptics have continued to expose weaknesses in test design, wea ...enth century, PK phenomena were seemingly everywhere. During [[séance]]s, tables would move, [[musical instrument]]s would hover mid-air and play melodies,
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  • {{Table Hanzi}} <!---- Table contributed by German Wiki--->
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  • ...lar objects floating freely in space that were too low in mass to sustain stable hydrogen fusion. (The term [[black dwarf]] currently refers to a [[white dw Since those earlier times, numerous searches involving various methods have been conducted to find these objects. Some
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  • ...odicals such as journals, magazines, and newspapers. A [[Web search engine|Search engine]] is a web based index. ...s commonly known as "BoB" or back-of-book indexing). They complement the [[table of contents]] by enabling access to information by specific subject, wherea
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  • | notable_works = =====A table laden with food from heaven=====
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