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  • ...turns and Serial Mesopotamian Fragmentation," ''Journal of World Systems Research'' X (Fall 2004): 613-652. ISSN 1076-156X [ ...rick]] table for [[animal]] and [[vegetable]] [[sacrifice]]s. [[Wiktionary:Granary|Granaries]] and [[storehouse]]s were usually located near the temples. Afte
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  • ...sazi granary near Weeping Rock.jpeg|thumb|Scouts reconstructing an Anasazi granary near Weeping Rock. The Basketmaker Anasazi entered the area circa 300 C.E.] ...he Virgin Anasazi. Parrusits seasonally migrated up and down the valley in search of wild seeds and nuts in what is called the ''Neo-Archaic'' period. Some f
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  • ...040930 105414 1.1644x1341.jpg|thumb|200px|Samuel Adams grave marker in the Granary Burying Ground]] Adams died at the age of 81 in 1803 and was interred at the Granary Burying Ground in Boston. Owing to his occupation as a brewer, today a popu
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  • ...ime (倭姫命), daughter of Emperor Suinin (垂仁天皇), wandered Japan searching for a final resting place for the sacred mirror. When she reached Ise, s ...kami, wandering for twenty years through the regions of Ohmi and Mino. Her search eventually brought her to Ise, in modern Mie Prefecture, where she is said
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  • ... concerns for European society in the run-up to the Second World War. Mann searched in vain for answers to forestall the collapse of the tradition of Western
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  • ...f the first generation aircraft carriers in the early twentieth century. Research on the original source of these dimensions indicates that they came from a ...udies, 2005), note []. Retrieved January
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  • far more brutally than the Navajo ever did."<ref>David D. Roberts, ''In Search of the Old Ones: Exploring the Anasazi World of the Southwest'' (New York, ...nce'' edited by Patrick H. Beckett, (Las Cruces, NM: COAS Publishing and Research, 2002), 189–214. Retrieved June 26, 2011.</ref>
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  • ...There has been considerable discussion as to their antiquity, but modern research finds no definite justification for assigning them to a distinct primitive ...]]. It is named after Swiss [[anthropologist]] [[Adolph Bandelier]], who researched the cultures of the area. Looking over the cliff dwellings, Bandelier, an
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  • ...w whether all Americans have a sincere faith in their religion for who can search the human heart?— but I am certain that they hold it to be indispensable
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  • ... above, are regarded as lies by some historians. During the decade spent researching the book, ''Mao: The Unknown Story'', for instance, Jung Chang found evi ...]]-based historian [[Frank Dikötter]], who conducted extensive archival research on the Great Leap Forward in local and regional Chinese government archives
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  • * Dothan, Trude Krakauer, and Moshe Dothan. 1992. ''People of the Sea: The Search for the Philistines''. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company. ISBN 978-002
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  • ...n language, that she had not committed the crime, and that she herself was searching for her lost cub. Jacob therefore let the wolf go. Jacob did not wholly
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  • ...produced twins. Augustus brought Alexandria, which controlled the Egyptian granary upon which [[Ancient Rome|Rome]] depended, under Roman rule. * Foreman, Laura. 1999. ''Cleopatra's Palace: In Search of a Legend''. Del Mar, CA: Discovery Books. ISBN 9780679462606.
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